My job is to protect.
I’m the best, the king’s elite.
She’s the only thing strong enough to make me look away.

Logan Hunt is a guard. He’s constantly aware of his surroundings; he searches and rescues. He’ll take a bullet.

His new assignment is to protect the queen regent, keep his eyes on her at all times. He’s more than up to the task…

Until a face from his past returns, and the one mission he’s sworn to complete becomes his biggest liability.

DIRTY DEALERS is an all-new stand-alone CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC SUSPENSE coming Jan 24, 2017. It features secrets, lies, double-crosses, angst, a touch of darkness, and panty-melting sexytimes.

*****Mel’s Review*****

4 Stars!


Cassandra Kroft hasn’t had an easy life. After her mother & aunt passed away she did her best to take care of her younger brother Cameron. She did some questionable things to survive & isn’t proud of the person she’s become. She’s struggled to make ends meet & provide for Cameron.

Kass still dreams of a time in her life when things were simple and she was happy. The beautiful summer she spent with a boy. They were in inseparable. She was 19 & he was 24. She fell in love that summer with Logan Hunt, & then he left for the military. He left her behind & her life fell apart shortly after. She’s never stopped thinking of Logan. It’s been six years since she’s seen him, so when he shows up out of the blue one evening it totally rocks her world.

Logan Hunt works shadowing the royal family in Monagasco. As the king’s top elite guard he is always protecting the royals and eliminating threats. Lately, he’s been burned out & thinking of retiring. He needs a change. The king suggests he takes a few days off & when he returns he will have a new assignment protecting the Queen Regent. Logan accepts the new assignment & looks forward to a break before he resumes his position.

Logan is stunned when a woman from his past shows up. He hasn’t seen Kass in years but has never forgotten about her. She’s the only woman he’s ever had strong feelings for, & he wants to reconnect. After all this time he still feels that spark when she’s near. He pursues her & realizes she’s still in his heart. They spend time together & Logan begins to question if he can put his trust in Kass? Something about her just doesn’t add up, & he can tell she’s hiding something


-“I did have you.”

-“For a little while you were mine again.”

As Logan & Kass become closer, Kass is harboring secrets that threaten to destroy them. She’s ashamed of her job & doesn’t think she’s good enough for Logan. Logan is dedicated to his job. He wants to be with Kass, but he also has to do his job. When he learns Kass may need his protection he feels torn in two & has to make some tough decisions. Does he do his job or protect the woman he loves? When all secrets are revealed can this couple salvage the love between them?

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