REVIEW – FRANCO (Bright Side #3) by Kim Holden



Franco’s story.

*****Dee’s Review*****

INFINITE STARS************

A Kim Holden novel is always EPIC. Her words invade my veins, my brain, my heart. Franco and Gemma’s story was like listening to my favorite song, really loud. Making me wanna sing and dance like a happy fool. I felt everything as if I were a part of the story. Theirs was a special friendship; so selfless, so passionate and super fun. I absolutely adored every minute of this story. Top ten favorite book of the year for me. Franco, the American Naughty Boy is a Must Read!!!!!


Franco the drummer, plays to the beat of my heart.

After many years of playing the field, Franco has become a little more picky when it comes to choosing a girl that he wants to spend time with. One night at a bar in LA, he is watching a beautiful girl, who physically is totally his type. Gorgeous, demure and with plenty of attitude. Even though she’s there with a date, she looks miserable, so Franco decides to make his move.

Gemma is a British girl living in LA on a work visa. She is an architect and her project is almost completed, so she only has a few weeks before she has to return home. Gemma and Franco hit it off instantly. Their fun banter and attraction is undeniable, so they decide to spend the last two weeks Gemma will be in town together, no expectations, no strings attached, just fun.

Things will get complicated between them because they are simply too compatible. They both recognize that what they have is special but there’s a whole ocean that separates them, and even their lives are going on two completely separate paths. Not ready to completely give up Franco offers Gemma his friendship, so they start talking almost every day, FaceTiming, and little by little their connection gets stronger.

The problem is, that they become really attached to one another and there are more than one complications standing in their way. Will they be able to keep their long distance friendship at bay, or will they cave and go all in for love?


This book was like the perfect song that gives you exactly what you need when you need it. The perfect combination of angst, romance and humor. This book had it all!

Not only do we get to experience Franco and Gemma’s story. But we get to read about Gus and Scout and of course, Bright Side is an ever-present character that just adds even more heart to the story.

This series is very dear to my heart. Every book brings me the same joy but always a different type of feeling, never a dull moment when you are reading these books. And the fact that music is such a big part in every story is just the cherry on the top for me. Because Music + Books = Happiness.

Read this book, don’t think about it, don’t hesitate, this one is a winner!!!

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