When lost and living in the moment …
… can you be found with just a kiss?

Jamie Hartley ran away, leaving grief and heartache behind. Lost on her own. Raising a child. Her plan is simple. Make it through. Find her path. Survive.

Eric Anderson walked away, abandoning plans and expectations. Living day to day. Waiting for miracles. His goal is complicated. Make it through. Find a way. Endure.

In stolen moments of passion and pleasure, Jamie and Eric find reprieve from their complex lives. Together, they ease the burdens. Together, they soothe the pain.
But can they recognize the future when it finds them?

Here and now.

Warning: This book contains graphic language and scenes that are sexually explicit.
Recommended for readers 18+.

*****Dee’s Review*****

4 ~Kiss Me~ Stars****

(ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)

Sweet debut novel by author Kim Bailey. Her writing style is enchanting; she created a very romantic story that takes the reader on a journey of tender emotions through the lives of Jamie and Eric. Take a chance on this author and let her show you how powerful a kiss can be…


Jamie is a girl who’s had a tough life. She lost her mother and sister in a terrible accident, leaving her to grow up and suffer through the loss with her dad. Her relationship with her father is very complicated, they can’t communicate, and when Jamie is faced with a life-changing event, he turns his back on her.

Jamie left her father’s home never to turn back. Now, years later her dad is fatally ill, so she goes back to see him. While in the hospital Jamie is suffocating by the situation, and by the terrible memories of the past, when a charming patient that’s roaming the halls of the hospital manages to make her smile like she hasn’t done in months. The patient is Caleb, an eighteen-year-old charmer that is dealing with a terrible illness himself. Turns out Caleb has a gorgeous brother, his name is Eric and from the moment he sets eyes on Jamie, he is overwhelmed by her beauty.

Jamie and Eric strike a friendship. Not only are they attracted to each other but they have a lot of things in common. They both feel lost either by the present, or by what will happen in the future, but together they can reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And what had seemed impossible and complicated, suddenly appears clear, after sharing a complex kiss.

Eric and Jamie have fun together, they can joke and talk about everything. Eric has the most wonderful and loving family and they accept Jamie into it seamlessly. But regardless of what happens with their loved ones, Jamie doesn’t belong there, she lives in another city and has other priorities in her life. So what will happen with their special friendship? Can they simply enjoy their time together and not fight to keep their connection, or will they have the courage to give into their feelings and fight for their happiness?

If you are looking for a romantic story, with lots of heat and great writing style, look no further, you need this book. Simply wonderful…

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