REVIEW – SWEET ESCAPE (Sugar Rush #2) by Nina Lane



When dessert goes wrong…

Hannah Lockhart travels the world and blogs about love. At least she used to before she promised to look after her sister’s bakery. Now, stuck in small town California for the next six months, Hannah is desperate to find romantic content for her blog or risk losing both readers and income.

Then a whipped cream disaster sends her into the arms of sexy, charming Evan Stone, heir to the Sugar Rush Candy Company.

Since childhood, Evan has been trying to overcome family concerns about his defective heart. Known as “The Heartbreaker,” he’s found an outlet with women. And when bad news strikes him, he seeks a diversion by offering to show Hannah the romance of the Bay Area.

Hannah jumps at the chance…as long as they keep things platonic. But soon Evan’s hot combination of charm, perfect kisses, and a serious sweet tooth melts her defenses.

As Hannah and Evan surrender to their delicious attraction, they are forced to confront the reality of her wanderlust and his heart condition. When love and hearts collide, can Hannah and Evan find their sweet ending?

*****Mel’s Review*****

5 Heartbreaker Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Evan Stone is a 31 yr. old gorgeous man born with a heart defect. He is one of seven siblings & his family owns the Sugar Rush Candy Company in the coastal California town of Indigo Bay. Dealing with his heart condition has become a way of life for him. He didn’t know life without it, or a time when his family wasn’t overprotective of him. He still hasn’t found his place in the company & wanted to show he was capable of running it. When his oldest brother Luke takes a leave of absence, Evan takes over as CEO. He’s thrilled to finally be able to prove himself.

Hannah Lockhart is s woman from Rainsville, California who left home years ago after her mother was sick. She is an independent world traveler & has a love themed travel blog called Lock Heart. She’s been in Rainsville for three months now running her sister Polly’s bakery called Wild Child while her sister is away in Paris taking a pastry course. She has agreed to stay for six more months. She will do what’s needed and then she plans to leave town and return to her own life.


Hannah doesn’t want to make any ties or connections while in town. She always seems to end up alone, which she thinks is what she wants until she begins spending time with the beautiful charming Evan Stone. Evan is the brother of her sister’s fiancé which makes him almost family. She develops a major crush and decides maybe some fun with Evan wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Evan finds Hannah captivating & spending time with her is just what he’s needed. He wants to feel in control & craves an adventure. Hannah is the perfect distraction & he’s determined to have her. Once things really heat up between them, they both get attached quick & are addicted to one another.

-“I like you a lot, Lockhart.”

-He’d never felt so right with a woman before. He’d known the moment he first saw her that his pull toward her was inordinately powerful.

-She reminded him of the ocean, constantly moving in different directions, pushed by both the winds and the water’s own undercurrents and riptides.

-He’d never felt this way about a woman before, never been willing to let his heart control him to this extent.

Evan & Hannah enjoy spending time together & at times Hannah feels like she’s living a fairytale, but will her wanderlust & Evan’s health complicate things? I really fell hard for Evan Stone! He’s such a beautiful, delicious man. Nina made me swoon again & I can’t wait for the rest of the Stone brothers! I’m hooked!!! Bring on Tyler! :))

-She’d never met a man with a stronger heart than his, one that had unlocked her own.

-She loved everything about him.

-She hadn’t known all the magnificent experiences of the world would pale in comparison to the idea of a lifetime with Evan.

-“You’re worth everything, especially my heart.”


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

He tangled his other hand in her hair and cupped the back of her neck. His grip was certain, gentle as if he were securing her rather than holding her in place. Then he lowered his head and pressed his mouth to hers. And inside Hannah, a light clicked on.




Sweet Escape is the second installment in the SUGAR RUSH series and now that I have read both books so far, I can say with certainty that Nina Lane has struck gold again!! I thought that the SPIRAL OF BLISS series was fantastic and now it is clear that Ms. Lane is no “one hit wonder” and that these stories will be a hit with the reading community as well. Ladies are we ever in for a sweet and decadent treat because there is a total of 7 Stone siblings!! The six brothers appear to be blessed in the looks department and from what I have read so far they are beyond gifted with their sexual prowess as well. The Hero and Heroine in this one are Evan Stone and Hannah Lockhart, Luke’s younger brother and Polly’s older sister. The sexual chemistry between these two is sure to get quite a few hearts racing!!

Evan Stone is currently the acting CEO of Sugar Rush while his brother Luke spends his sabbatical in Paris with his girlfriend, Polly. This is his chance to prove to everyone that he is more than capable of running the family business. For most of his life, his family has handled him as if he were fragile because of his congenital heart issues but Evan has always tried to prove that he is a lot tougher than everyone gives him credit for.



Hannah Lockhart is a world traveler and not one who likes to be tied down to one place. She feels a tremendous amount of guilt over the fact that she was not around while her mother became very ill from cancer. She knew that it was wrong to leave her mother’s caretaking in the hands of her younger sister, Polly, but Hannah didn’t have it in her to watch her mother wither away. This stems from the loss of her father and also the loss of her first love. Hannah’s afraid to get close to people because she fears that they will be taken away from her since she’s already dealt with so much loss. But currently, she’s back home running her family’s bakery while Polly is off in France, enrolled in a Culinary school. Hannah is itching to take off but is sticking to her promise to keep the business going until her sister returns home in a few months.

Evan and Hannah have formed an easy friendship but there is definitely a very strong underlying attraction between them as well. Both do not have any desire to be in a long-term committed relationship. Hannah is determined to travel the world again and continue posting about all of her journeys and stories of love on her travel blog. Evan has never let a woman get too close because of his heart condition and doesn’t want to put anyone through a life that could only end in heartbreak because of his illness.





Hannah ends up placing a winning bid on Evan during a high-priced bachelor auction. It was an impulse move on her part in which she momentarily forgot that she doesn’t have the funds to pay for the weekend getaway date, but Evan comes to her rescue and ends up footing the bill. He even convinces Hannah to still go on the date and the heat that builds between them had me having major heart palpitations. There’s one thing you need to know about Nina Lane, if you haven’t read any of her books yet, she can deliver the schmexy like no other!! She is sure to get your temperature rising and definitely in the mood for some serious lovin!!

Evan keeps his condition a secret from Hannah for a while but ultimately he has to explain the scar he has in the middle of his chest and surprisingly she doesn’t end up running with this new discovery. On the contrary, Hannah is determined to stay by his side but what happens when things get scary between them and Evan is unwilling to be the anchor that weighs her down?

Sweet Escape was just as incredible as its predecessor and all I can say is that if you haven’t picked up this series yet, you need to bump these up your TBR. The Stone brothers are sure to be added to your top favorite book boyfriends list!


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