REVIEW – TOUCHING DOWN by Nicole Williams

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The whole world might be in love with him. But all he’s ever loved is her.

Grant Turner’s name is synonymous with football. The fans and media can’t get enough of the player known as The Invincible Man, a nickname he earned while growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country and the nickname he’s kept by being one of the best players in professional football today. No one can take him down. He’s unstoppable.

But even a suit of armor has its weak point, and Grant’s has always been Ryan Hale.

They were a couple of kids when they fell in love, and just when it looked like the happy ending neither expected was within reach, Ryan disappeared. No explanations. No good-byes.

Grant coped by throwing himself into the game for seven years, and he’s finally moved on. Or so he thinks.

When she walks back into his life, all of those feelings come crashing back, despite the warnings in his head that tell him she’ll leave him again. Grant can withstand the league’s toughest defensive line, but he’s always been weak where she’s concerned.

No man can take Grant Turner down.

But one woman certainly can.

One woman will.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”I fell for you forever ago and there’s nothing you’ve done since that moment that has changed that. There’s nothing you could do to change that. When a person falls, they don’t just get up, dust themselves off, and keep going. If they fell right, if they fell good and hard the first time, there’s no getting up from that fall because they landed right where they were supposed to.”


I fell in love with Nicole Williams’ writing back when I first read her CRASH series and she created the most beautiful book boyfriend named Jude Ryder. She just knows how to create Heroes that makes women swoon hard. Heroes that even though a bit broken, can rise from their adversities and have the ability to love a woman like no other—to love with their whole heart and soul. She has just created another character that I won’t soon forget and who had me wishing that I could dive into the pages of the book and live out my HEA with him. Get ready to swoon, cry, and fall in love with your new book boyfriend…Grant Turner. If you love a good dose of angst and second chance romances, you are going to eat this one up!!

Ryan Hale finds herself back in her old hometown, paying her last respects to a woman who provided her shelter and a safe haven when she was a young girl. She grew up in a poor community called The Clink. Most of the children who lived there had less than stellar family lives and trying to survive day by day often felt like an impossible task. At nine-years-old, Ryan is rescued by a boy who would become her personal Hero and eventually the greatest love of her life. Ryan’s safety became Grant’s personal responsibility and there wasn’t a day that went by that he ever failed or resented carrying that weight on his shoulders. Later in their teenage years, the two fall in love but during his freshman year in college, Ryan disappears from his life without any explanation or even a goodbye.


Seven years later, Ryan comes back into Grant’s life but it isn’t the hearts and flowers reunion that deep down Ryan would have wanted. There’s a lot of heartbreak and pain that she left behind when she disappeared. But she’s come back under serious circumstances and only Grant can help her. Grant has become a HUGE NFL star. He’s the tight end for the NY STORM and is beloved by millions. But his success has never gotten to his head. He knows where he came from and does whatever he can to give back to the community. He’s also never forgotten the girl who broke his heart. She’s the only one he’s ever given it to and he’s not willing to take it back from her either.

This story is both heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. I cried many tears and rooted for this couple to make it through to their HEA!! I found myself falling deeper for Grant with every page I continued to read.

Get ready to be taken on an emotional journey with a nice dose of steam added as well. If you are a fan of Nicole Williams, you are going to love this one, and if you haven’t read any of her books, you’re surely to fall in love with this author’s writing!!

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