REVIEW – VEILED by Karina Halle

Veiled AMAZON (1)


It’s something that Ada Palomino has always known so well, having grown up in a house of horrors, surrounded by a family plagued by ghosts and demons and things that go bump in the night.
But after the sudden and tragic death of her mother two years ago, death has never felt so personal.
Or so close.
Now eighteen, Ada is trying to move on with her life and the last month of summer holds nothing but sunshine and promises with her first year at a Portland design school just around the bend.
That is until her increasingly violent and realistic dreams, dreams of other worlds, of portals and veils where her mother is tortured and souls bleed for mercy, start to blend into reality. Ada has to lean on her older sister, Perry, to try and make sense of it all but even then, she’s never felt more alone.
Then there’s Jay. Tall, handsome and deeply mysterious, Jay would be just another stranger, a familiar face on the bus, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ada has met him before.
Every night.
In every single dream.
And the more that Ada is drawn to him in both worlds, the more she’s in danger of losing everything.
Including her heart.
And her very soul.

***Veiled is a new adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy with sex, bad language and violence. It is a spinoff of the EIT series, however it can be read as a standalone. You do NOT need to have read EIT to enjoy Veiled***

*****Mel’s Review*****

5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Ada Palomino is an 18 yr. old from Portland, Oregon. After losing her mother a few years ago, & her sister Perry marrying & moving to Seattle, it’s now just Ada and her dad. Ada is a fashion blogger who loves clothes & makeup. She is starting college in about a month, & is excited to study fashion design. She wants to live a normal life, but unfortunately she comes from a family that is anything but average. In her world monsters are real. They exist, & aren’t just in your head. Ada is discovering more every day that she’s powerful and special like her sister, & she has abilities she hasn’t fully grasped yet.


Ada has started having dreams that often haunt her. They cause her real terror. She has hallucinations in her sleep and has trouble figuring out what’s in her head and what’s real. She feels paralyzed by these dreams & begins to dread & fear falling asleep. That is until a gorgeous man begins invading her dreams. In her nightmares, this man protects her & makes her feel safe and cared for.

Ada eventually crosses paths with her dream man while awake. It turns out she has met him once before, & his name is Jay. Jay ends up being someone important to Ada, & their lives become entwined. As they start spending time together they become extremely attached to one another. Deep feelings develop & they share a unique beautiful connection. Soon, Ada can’t imagine Jay not being a part of her life, but things get very complicated as Ava’s dream world & real world begin to collide.

-He’s so fucking beautiful.

-I want to touch him. I ache for it. I want to feel his body against mine.

-My entire body, from the top of my scalp, down to my toes, is buzzing with heat and electricity. It’s like everything I felt for him before, everything I try to ignore, is coming out in full force, responding to his words, to his body so close to mine.

I loved this paranormal, supernatural book full of ghosts, demons & other dimensions. It deals with the afterlife & the underworld & the many layers of the mind. It has mystery & excitement. Ada is discovering how strong she really is, and at the same time fighting for her life & falling for a delicious guy she wants desperately.

I really loved this book. It was my first paranormal read by Karina. I haven’t read the EIT series yet, but this book reads great as a stand-alone. If you have read the EIT series already, you will love that you get plenty of Perry & Dex in this book too. I really hope Karina writes more books for Ada & Jay! I need more!!! :))

-Real feelings, slowly creeping into my heart, day by day. The thought is terrifying in the same way that demons are terrifying. They both might take possession of me. They both might ruin me.

-Jay is my story, my world.

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