REVIEW – SPINSTER? by Nikki Mathis Thompson



In centuries past, women of a certain age are supposed to be married, if not, society begins to come up with reasons why. Frigid. Unattractive. Picky. Not enough goats in her dowry.
The sad state of affairs is, that in today’s society, things haven’t changed that much. Except maybe the goat part, well, depending on what part of the globe one resides.
Meet Tess Warner —Smart, independent, great job, great friends, full life…chronically single. Not that she’s obsessed with finding her plus one, but she’s not ruling it out either. She lives her life as she see’s fit, open to what comes her way. Little did she know a random request from an old classmate was about to come her way, a request that would put her in the path with someone from her past. Not his past, because he has no idea she existed, then or now. His past ends up being more than Tess had bargained for, making her question her no baggage code of ethics, as well as everything she thought she new about love, and letting go.
This is a story of a woman, then and now. Sexual misadventures, embarrassments, achievements, varying levels of self-esteem, and pant sizes. A humorous look at a modern woman’s plight transversing the mine field of frogs. And maybe, just maybe, colliding with the fabled, “one.”

-“Years of disappointing encounters had honed her faking skills like the sword skills of a samurai. It was all very choreographed. She imagined herself wielding a blade. Slash…”moan.” Slash… “ooh.” Jab… “yes, that’s it.” Raising her sword above her head, she went in for the kill…the not so subtle, but highly effective, shudder.”
-“He had the penis the size of a baby carrot. Sure they look cute in a salad, but when attached the guy you’re falling for…depressing.”
-“Wine made her do slutty things, especially if consumed in indiscriminate quantities. That’s why she drank Vodka, it was the safest bet…Well, if you don’t count that afternoon in Miami. But, in her defense, that scantily clad cabana boy at Fontainebleau had a body that would make a nun come in her habit.”
-“The reason there are so many fish in the sea is because ninety-eight percent have to be thrown back.”

*****Dee’s Review*****

5 Charming Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

What a fun novel!!!! I started reading it in the morning and was done by night, I simply couldn’t put it down. I had to pushed back appointments, ignore the office, and I even asked my husband to take care of dinner, because I didn’t want to miss one minute of this charming story. A delightful book that I’m sure will make everyone who reads it, feel happy!


Why is it that if a woman isn’t married by a certain age, people assume something is wrong with her? Doesn’t matter if she’s happy and successful, if she’s not attached to someone she becomes damage goods.

That is a topic that our heroine, Tess Warner knows a lot about. Tess has a wonderful job she loves and she’s great at, as a writer for an urban magazine. She has a group of amazing friends that keep her life colorful and a family who adores her, but worry about her, because she’s still single.

We follow Tess around as she goes from date to date, some good, and some total disasters, but lucky for us, whichever way it goes for her, we’ll laugh because she faces every experience with a lot of great humor.

When Tess does finally find someone that is the complete package, turns out, he might have a little too much baggage. Can she handle it and finally put all her chips down and gamble for possible heartbreak or will she simply quit the game, and move on?

Reading this book felt like going on a girls night out; fun, adventurous, flirty and a little bit inappropriate. That is the Nikki Mathis Thompson writing style. Her books always feel empowering, and completely relatable, just a ton of fun!

In a world where so much negativity is going around, a book like this one; that brings readers together and delivers so many smiles, is vital. So read it, enjoy it, share it!

I believe we all have a little bit of Tess inside of us. When you get to your thirties you are finally coming into your own, you feel more comfortable in your own skin, so why settle?

This book reminded me, that we all should focus more on the positive that we have going on in our lives. Embrace our flaws and strengths, and simply learn to let go of the bad and move on, because our happiness should solely depend on us, we shouldn’t put that responsibility on anybody else.

So tonight, get a bottle of your favorite wine, and indulge in this wonderful book; you will have a grand time, I promise.

My Spinster? music playlist:
*Catch & Release- Deepend Remix by Matt Simons
*Ruin by Shawn Mendes
*For What Its Worth by Kygo
*Goodbye by Who Is Fancy
*With You by Matt Simons

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