REVIEW – FILTHY ENGLISH (English, #2) by Ilsa Madden-Mills




A smokin’ hot British player…
A jilted girl…
One night of mistaken identity…

Two weeks before her wedding, Remi Montague’s fiancé drops her faster than a drunken sorority girl in stilettos. Armed with her best friend and a bottle of tequila, she hops a plane to London to drown her sorrows before fall semester begins at Whitman University.

She didn’t plan on attending a masquerade party.

She sure didn’t plan on waking up next to the British bad boy who broke her heart three years ago—the devastatingly handsome and naked Dax Blay. Furthermore, she has no clue how they acquired matching tattoos.

Once back at Whitman together, they endeavor to pretend they never had their night of unbridled passion in London.

But that’s damn hard to do when you live in the same house…

One night. Two damaged hearts. The passion of a lifetime.

*A modern love story inspired by Romeo and Juliet*

**no one dies in the writing of this novel**

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

The smell of him, like summer rain and sunshine, hit me, and my arms curled around his hips, my fingers slipping under his shirt and digging into the muscles of his back. He kissed me, owning my lips with lust and passion, and slowly, ever so softly, I went down the rabbit hole with him, where the entire world whispered yes, him.


Give me a good second chance romance story with a drop dead gorgeous British book boyfriend, and I’m as happy as a smitten kitten. Once I read the blurb for Filthy English, I knew that this was going to be my cuppa!! This is my first Ilsa Madden-Mills book and I guarantee you that it won’t be my last. The book was hard to put down and the angst became a bit maddening towards the end but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Remi Montague finds herself in London on her honeymoon, with her Bestie!! Two weeks prior her fiancé got cold feet and called off the wedding. So Remi’s in London licking her wounds and trying to forget about her recent heartbreak. She ends up at a nightclub in London called Masquerade, where everyone must wear decorative masks. While at the bar a gorgeous man sidles up beside her and something about him is sending tingly sparks up her spine. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing. That kiss has her reeling because she’s tasted those lips before and they belong to the one man from her past that annihilated her heart.

Dax Blay has been spending his summer break from college in London, taking care of his cousin who has recently been released from rehab. Dax has the bad boy player reputation at Whitman College, but for the past several months he’s been keeping to himself. When he arrives at Masquerade with his cousin, Spider, it only takes him a few seconds to recognize Remi at the bar. He has never been able to forget the girl he spent seventy-two hours with during their freshman year at college. There was definitely something special between them but at the time Dax wasn’t the type to be in a monogamous relationship, nor did he think he was good enough for Remi. There’s definitely some animosity still left over from that time on Remi’s part as she hasn’t gotten over the heartbreak he caused her. But there will be some seriously hot and torturous foreplay going on between them. I wanted the sex to commence but was teased quite a bit before they finally got down to the schmexy!!!



This story had my insides all twisted up what with all the push and pull action going on between Remi and Dax. Remi thinks Dax is still a player and that if she gives him another chance she won’t be able to survive the heartbreak the second time around. Dax thinks Remi is on the rebound and doesn’t have true feelings for him. He also still believes he’s incapable of giving her what she truly deserves. So can you see how this would drive a reader crazy??!!



There’s a big reveal that rocks these two to their core, and I have to say I kind of guessed what it was early on, and yet I still thoroughly enjoyed this story!! It was definitely easy to swoon over Dax and even though I really didn’t think Remi was a kickass heroine, I still was rooting for them to get it right this time.


Filthy English is a fast paced, angsty, and incredibly steamy read. It felt like no time had passed at all by the time I finished it. Thoroughly enjoyable read! I highly recommend and it’s currently 99 cents on AMAZON US!!



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