REVIEW – NEXT TO YOU by Daisy Prescott



“If you want to date me, all you need to do is say the word. I’d never let you go.”

I added Sage to my rugby club’s annual list of women who are off limits thinking I could protect her from the gorillas I play with. Aspen’s a small town in the off season when the dating pool shrinks to the size of a melted snowflake. Never did I think I’d be the one to break the code and date her.

Even if it’s all for show. A wager between friends. An excuse to hang out with her more.

Nothing more than that.


Who agrees to date their best friend over a green smoothie? Apparently this girl right here.

Now the man-bun-sporting South African rugby god next door is my fake boyfriend. I need to rebuild my confidence after some poor dating decisions. Who could be better to fluff my ego than Aspen’s hottest bachelor?

This situation is a win-win.

Next to You is a standalone Romantic Comedy/New Adult Romance about a rugby player and an heiress in Aspen. Stan and his man bun first appeared in the Modern Love Story Short, Take for Granted. This is a full-length novel told in dual POVs.

Next to You will be released on July 5th as part of the multi-author Friends with Benefits series.

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*****Dee’s Review*****

5++ Man-Bun Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by Author)

Sexy and very charming!!!! Next To You is a book designed to keep you warm and cozy. An excellent weekend read that I’m sure I’ll re-read more than once in the future. I wanted to play sweaty rugby with Lee, and dance, and drink green smoothies with Sage, forever…


Lee is super-model handsome, but he is also sweet and charming. His passion is to play Rugby which he does, but due to his age, he’s missed his chance to play professionally. He supplements his income by bartending and modeling. Not that he needs to, coming from a wealthy family, but Lee wants to make a life for his own, and not live in the shadow of his strange father.

Sage is Lee’s neighbor and best friend. The two of them always have the best time together. They hang out, and care for each other but both are a little afraid to acknowledge their deep attraction because they are scared it will ruin the friendship.

Lee had an injury while snowboarding and Sage is more than happy to look after him while he is recuperating. Having Sage so close to him every day is making Lee re-think everything about his relationship with his best friend, and now he has the perfect plan to try to take things to the next level.

Will Lee’s plan work and bring him and Sage together? Or will it fizzle and ruin everything?

Looking back at all the reviews I’ve ever written for a Daisy Prescott book, I have compared her writing to chocolate cake and Disney world rides, noticed? Always fun and decadent. But the truth is that reading her books always bring me immense joy, like seeing a long lost best friend, that you don’t always see but every time you get together, you laugh and enjoy, like no time has passed at all.

I encourage you to read this book or any Daisy Prescott book. If you are looking for quality romance writing style and a genuinely good time. THIS IS IT!!!!

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