REVIEW – SWEET ALIBI by Adriane Leigh

Sweet Alibi Adriane Leigh Ecover

From USA Today Bestselling author Adriane Leigh comes a passionate contemporary romance about giving in to desire so sharp and sweet it threatens to consume…

Georgia Montgomery is desperate for an escape from the life she’s been leading. The perfect job, the perfect apartment, the perfect boyfriend—all are on the cusp of driving her over the edge. On a whim, she buys a beach house on the North Carolina coast, eager to spend a summer with her college friends. She thinks she’s found the perfect balance, until one pleasure-seeking playboy turns her world on its axis. Georgia tries to ignore the tornado of emotion that sweeps through her system whenever Tristan Howell is near, but just like an addiction, one look, one taste, one touch is never enough.

The chemistry is scorching and it isn’t long before the slow burn ignites into a full-blown wildfire that threatens to consume anything in its path. But Georgia and Tristan can’t shelter their love from the outside world, and the moments of exquisite passion they share aren’t enough to sustain the relationship. When scars from the past resurface–will their hearts meld together as one? Or will outside forces tear them apart, leaving an empty shell where love and passion once thrived?

*Note: The characters in Sweet Alibi are real and flawed–they make bad decisions and learn hard lessons. It contains a love triangle, a sweet alpha-male with a broken heart, and a leading lady that doesn’t always know what she wants. If you love a character-driven romance with a hard-fought happily-ever-after, Sweet Alibi is for you. (Formerly published as The Morning After and Light in Morning duet, now with more than 10,000 words of never-before-published BONUS content!)

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}
(BR with Mel)

All I knew was in this moment, I felt whole again. This girl filled something up in me I didn’t understand; something I never thought possible and something I didn’t realize was necessary for me to thrive, but there it was.


This book completely took me by surprise and I mean that in the most fabulous way possible! I had heard great things about some of Adriane Leigh’s works but I never had the pleasure of reading anything by her and I am so happy that I got the chance to review this amazing book. It turns out this isn’t a new story by the author. She combined her books The Mourning After and Light In The Morning, which were published back in 2013, threw in a few extra scenes and re-titled this standalone as Sweet Alibi. I will be honest, the first 20% dragged for me and let me tell you this book is seriously long because remember she combined two books into one. I didn’t like the Heroine and I wasn’t sure what was all so special about the Hero either, except for the fact that he was devastatingly gorgeous. But my total outlook and interest in the story changed at that first kiss right around the 20% mark. From then on, all bets were off and I was reeled in, hook, line, and sinker!!

I am a reader who loves angst. The more gut-wrenching, the better!! I felt torn up so many times during this story, I must say that if I didn’t buddy read this, I would have needed a stiff drink or two!! So the author had this reader eating out of the palm of her hand!! There is a love triangle and of course that means there is cheating as well. For me, as in most stories with this trope, I always have my guy picked out, so there was never any question in my mind as to which guy should end up with the girl, and I didn’t feel the least bit bad for the guy who loses her. I am not one to shy away from love triangles, but if this is not your cuppa, I don’t think you will enjoy the book although I do have to say I think you’re missing out by not picking this one up.

Georgia Montgomery has just bought a beautiful summer beach home in North Carolina. She and her two best friends will be spending the entire summer there fixing it up so that she can turn it into a rental property. She leaves her boyfriend behind back in D.C. because he’s a lawyer with a ridiculous work schedule that doesn’t allow him to take a vacation. It’s obvious that something is haunting Georgia and that part of the reason that she chose to spend the summer in North Carolina has to do with her relationship with her boyfriend.

Her bestie ends up bringing along her new boyfriend and his friend, Tristan, who is beyond gorgeous. This guy is known as a player and basically has women falling all over him wherever he goes. When Georgia and Tristan meet, there is something sparking between them and things may start off platonic but will spiral out of control when the two give in to their desires. That first kiss just about knocked me out and I was rooting for these two from that moment on. So much of what transpires between Tristan and Georgia reminded me of THOUGHTLESS, which happens to still be one of my all-time favorite books. I found myself comparing a lot of the scenes, but still this story had many elements that made it unique as well.

Georgia was a heroine that was hard for me to warm up to. It took quite a while actually. I hated her every time she messed with Tristan’s head and heart. She definitely needed a serious ass kicking! I just couldn’t understand why she was so dense. I get that she knew about Tristan’s past with women and was afraid he’d end up hurting her, but it was so obvious who the right guy was for her!!

I have to warn you that Tristan is going to steal your hearts ladies!! He has that charisma that will sweep you off your feet and my god, how he loved Georgia!! It seriously made my heart ache for him. And he is INSATIABLE!! This guy will melt your panties with very little effort. Fanning myself just thinking about him!!

This story will keep you on your toes. Never assume all is well because the author throws in twists that make your stomach drop and question how Tristan and Georgia will ever have an HEA by the time you get to the end.

SWEET ALIBIis available now! I thoroughly enjoyed it and give it my highest recommendation!! To those of you who have a strong heart and love for painful angst, this book is definitely one to put on your soon to read list!!




*****Mel’s Review*****

5+++ “We’re Everything” Stars!!!
(ARC provided by author)
(BR with Patty)




Georgia Montgomery is a 27 yr. old woman living in D.C. with her lawyer boyfriend. Georgia has a horrific painful past & her boyfriend Kyle has always been her protector & her lifeline during her darkest moments. He’s been in her life since she was twelve, & always been her rock. On the outside, she has the picture perfect life, but the truth is they’ve been drifting apart the last few years.

Needing a break & desperate for an escape from her life, on a whim Georgia decides to buy a house on the North Carolina coast. She has some money saved up, so she heads to the beach house for the summer with plans to later rent it out. The house needs some work, so she convinced her two best friends to join her for the summer & help fix up the house. One friend shows up with her new boyfriend & his best friend Tristan Howell. Tristan is single & gorgeous. He’s fun, flirty & Georgia feels alive around him.




-There was something about her. Something that said she was…more.

-More everything.

-I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

-The one girl I couldn’t stop thinking about.

-Fuck she was just as affected as I was. I could see it in her eyes.

-In every move her body made.

-“I want you, all of you, Georgia.”

-“I’m going to spend the entire summer helping you come to the realization that you want me too.”


The more time she spends with Tristan, the more she’s rethinking everything she thought she knew. They share this easy connection & she feels at peace with him. She’s never felt this way about Kyle. She thought being away from him would be unbearable. Instead, she’s totally infatuated with Tristan. As much as she tries to fight it she can’t stop this pull between them and the electricity that explodes every time they touch. There is something unique and special between them, but she’s afraid of these feelings & scared to throw away what she has & take a gamble on Tristan. Tristan just wants her to give them a real chance. He’s fallen hard for her & never felt this way before.

This book is full of angst. Like as much angst as Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens, but omg I couldn’t put it down. This book completely consumed me. It’s one of the best I’ve read this year! It’s a love triangle, & Georgia faces many obstacles & tough choices. She has to choose between her old love & her new love & decide which one will be her future. This book is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it!



-It felt like he’d unlocked a new and previously undiscovered piece of my heart.

-I craved her love, I craved her mind, I craved everything about her.

-“I feel you everywhere. When you’re not around I feel you. I need you. I fucking need you so much.”

-Fuck, she’d taken my breath away. Every minute, she took my breath away. Every smile, every movement, every word- an endless array of stolen breaths.

-I felt everything with this girl.

-I was her everything. And she was mine.

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