REVIEW – FIRST AND GOAL (Moving the Chains, #1) by Kata Cuic

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Eva Papageorgiou has one goal: to make it through her senior year of high school unseen and unscathed. But when her strategy to stay out of the limelight is derailed by rampant rumors, she’s forced to change tactics. Her new game plan is to keep everyone at arm’s length. Especially boys. So when she’s partnered up in class with the hot as hell varsity quarterback, she pushes and pushes.

Until he pushes back.

Rob Falls just wants to fit in. With his teammates, with his friends, with everyone. His image as the quintessential jock makes him feel like a fraud. Especially since it’s the only reason all the girls at school want him, except the one girl he dreams about. She wants nothing to do with him. When he’s forced to tutor the class pariah, he realizes it’s time to get in the game instead of standing on the sidelines.

She’s going to help him get exactly what he wants, whether she knows it or not.

Life doesn’t come with a playbook, but Rob knows this could be the most important play he’ll ever make.

First and Goal is book one in The Moving the Chains series. It ends on a cliffhanger.

Second Down: Coming late 2016.
Third and Long: Coming early 2017.
Fourth and Inches: Coming late 2017.

The Moving the Chains series is recommended for mature readers due to strong language, sexual content, and potential emotional triggers.

*****PATTY’s REVIEW*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

As much as I’ve spent the last three years wanting Evie, it kind of scares the shit out of me to realize how low I’ll go to get her. I’ll take anything she might give me and work as hard as I have to in order to get it.


For a brand new author, I have to say that I was impressed. I kept seeing this book being mentioned on Facebook and Goodreads and decided I needed to see what the buzz was all about. This is YA, and while I can appreciate a good YA, it’s not my typical “Go To” genre. The teenage angst is off the charts high in this one, but the Hero is certainly lovable enough that he kept me engaged in the story.

Eva and Rob are seniors at the same high school. They have known each other since the 9th grade but over the past few years, a distance developed between them. Both harbor huge crushes on each other but they are equally oblivious to that fact. Eva is an honor’s student and drum major, she thinks of herself as a geek, but to Rob, she is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. Eva and Rob end up in a lot of the same classes since they both are honor students. Rob ends up being her calculus tutor when she fails the first quiz of the semester and their teacher orders him to tutor Eva to help pick her grade back up. This seems to be the last thing Eva wants. She has a huge chip on her shoulder and doesn’t hesitate to lash out at Rob. She went out with one of the members of his football team and things ended badly. The guy spread rumors about Eva being supremely easy and ever since she’s been branded the school slut. Her trust level of the opposite sex is at an all-time low because of her predicament.


Rob Falls is the Quarterback of the High School’s football team. He’s the most popular and most desired boy by all the girls in school. But Rob has only ever had eyes for Eva. He hasn’t dated anyone since he transferred from his catholic school back in the ninth grade. He’s been secretly pining away for Eva and hoping to get his shot with her. Unfortunately, rumors start spreading about Rob being a ladies man and he does nothing to stop them because they end up giving him more street cred with his other teammates. His reputation has Eva seeing Rob as a player and someone she needs to avoid. How ironic that the girl who is falsely accused of being a slut could so easily believe rumors about someone else and then treat them badly because of said rumors!! For this reason, I didn’t care for Eva for almost the entire book.

These two end up as partners in biology class and their first project is called the bio-effect. Boys and girls are paired up and have to ask a series of questions, and some of them are very personal. Rob and Eva get off to a very rocky start in the beginning and I would place all the blame on Eva and the humungous chip on her shoulder. Rob noticed how she changed after she dated his teammate for a short while and suspects that she was raped and even when he confronts her about it and she denies it, he still believes there’s something more to what happened between them.

I was starting to get beyond frustrated with both characters and was beginning to think that maybe I am just too old to relate to the trials and tribulations of today’s teenagers, but then BAM , that ENDING!!! Totally not what I was expecting to happen, AT ALL!! And now the author has me sucked in because I just have to know what happens next.

FIRST AND GOAL is available now!


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