REVIEW – SAY YOU’LL STAY (Return to Me, #1) by Corinne Michaels

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One word.

It was all he had to do. Instead, he got on that bus and took my heart with him.

That was seventeen years ago.

I moved on. Marriage. Kids. White picket fence. Everything I ever wanted, but my husband betrayed me and I was left once again.

Alone, penniless, and with two boys, I had no choice but to return to Tennessee. He wasn’t supposed to be there. I should’ve been safe. However, fate has a way of stepping in.

This time around, the tables are turned. It’s my decision. Second chances do exist, but I don’t know if we can repair what’s already been broken . . .

** This is a STANDALONE **

*****Mel’s Reviwe*****

4.5 “You’re My Heart” Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Presley Benson is a 35 yr. old woman living in Pennsylvania. She has the perfect life. The husband, twin boys & a job she loves. Suddenly her whole life falls apart & she’s a single mom, completely broke, & having to move back home to Bell Buckle, Tennessee. She swore she’d never live there on that ranch again, but life has other plans. She left home seventeen years ago with a broken heart & wanting to put as much distance between herself & the town that held all the memories of the boy she loved since she was twelve, Zachary Hennington.


Soon after returning home to Bell Buckle, Presley comes face to face with her ex , Zach. His family owns the Hennington Horse Farm, & their properties are separated by a creek. Presley once thought Zach would be her future. He’s the guy she shared all her firsts with, but he’s also the guy who left her. She is surprised to still feel so much for him, but one of the main feelings she still feels is anger. So many emotions swirl together when she’s around Zach. While she’s angry & hurt, she still finds him to be comforting & familiar, and their chemistry is still insane! She’s never truly been able to stop loving him. She pushed her feeling to the side & hasn’t dealt with them for years. Now she’s forced to face this beautiful man who still looks at her the same way he did all those years ago.


-I’ve never been able to control my heart where Zach is concerned. He has some kind of special hold on me.

-We both feel the electricity between us. It was there long ago, and it apparently hasn’t ebbed at all.

-He’s the boy who taught me to love. He’s the boy I saw myself growing old with, having children with, and yet he destroyed me.


Zach has lived with regrets for years about how things turned out with Presley. With so much love still between them, it’s as if fate has brought them back together for a second chance. Can they learn to forgive & have the future together they’ve always dreamed of? I absolutely loved this book!!! It’s my favorite I’ve read by Corinne, & I’ve adored all her other books. This series is so different from her other stuff. It’s a beautiful story set on the Tennessee countryside about two soulmates who get a second chance at love. There are three of these delicious Hennington brothers & I can’t wait for Wyatt & Trent’s books! 😀


-“When you came back into town, it was like my world settled. You were always supposed to be a part of my life, but I wasn’t ready for you then.”

-She’s the one thing in this world I’ve always known was right.

-“Every time I close my eyes, I see you. I’ve always seen you, Presley.”

-“It’s always been you.”

-Presley is mine. Always has been. Always will be.

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