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Damon Atwood was Hollywood’s golden boy. Having won an Oscar at the tender age of thirteen, he had the life many could only dream about. But his success came at a price, and after a short but fruitful film career, he chose to live a life of obscurity on a remote Scottish island. Almost a decade later he’s finally ready to make his return, starting with a lead role in a musical on London’s West End.

As a choreographer’s assistant, Rose Taylor has always faded into the background. She watches shows come to life from the side lines, but has never craved the attention of stardom. When rumours begin circulating of Damon’s involvement in her latest gig, she doesn’t predict how she will be thrust into the limelight, nor how the mysterious and strangely introverted man will need her to teach him how to be a star again.

Rose knows that show crushes don’t last. Actors fall for each other during the intensity of a production, often losing themselves in their roles. These kinds of affairs burn bright and then they fade. The question is, should Rose let herself shine with Damon, or guard her heart from being broken after the final curtain call?

*****Dee’s Review*****

5 Champagne and Sunshine Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author)


Rose is a dance choreographer in show business.  She is the assistant to her mentor; a very respected and famous choreographer in London. Dancing is everything to her.
Rose has sworn off actors. Being in the business she’s in, she’s gotten burned too many times by some of the beautiful players of the industry. She’s a hopeless romantic, always looking for love, but after her latest heartache, she’s decided she’s taking a break from love.
Then comes Damon Atwood.
Rose’s latest work project is the theater remake of Moulin Rouge, and the mysterious Damon Atwood has been cast as the male lead. Nobody knows much about him since he’s been absent from show business for more than a decade. Damon was a child actor, very successful, even winning an Oscar at the age of thirteen. After his mother died of cancer, he went to live with his dad. His father burned through all of Damon’s earning in drugs and parties, forcing Damon to get emancipated from him. After that he disappeared, secluding himself in the island of Skye, with his grandmother.
Damon’s grandmother’s dying wish was that he would go back to what he loves to do, singing and acting. It was destiny that brought Damon to London to meet Rose.
Damon is very shy and closed off. He doesn’t trust anybody but from the moment he saw the kindness shining so bright in Rose’s eyes, he couldn’t stay away.
Rose and Damon are very attracted to each other but they are skittish about love, so they decide to take things slow and become good friends. Both helping the other overcome their fears. As their friendship progresses, a beautiful love is born. Unfortunately,  the world they live in is full of jealous and competitive people, making it very hard for them to move forward with a romance and also feeding into their insecurities.
The beautiful theater setting in this book is truly captivating. L.H Cosway makes us live and breathe the playhouse magic with her latest novel. The blinding lights, the music, the dance, the applause, you’ll be able to feel it all.
Another thing that I loved about this book was how original and unexpected Damon’s character was. He was the broody and shy type, but when you least expected it he would turn into a sexy alpha male, ready to strip you naked just with his eyes and sexy words. Very dreamy!!!
I wish I could add lights and music to this review. This novel was a musical for the heart, each chapter packed with love and lyrics, ready to make you sing and dance. This is the kind of story that was created to make the reader happy. I will be gifting copies of this novel to a few of my friends, and share the love a little bit. Fabulous book!
Make sure to check out L.H Cosway Spotify account. She always puts together beautiful music playlists to go with her novels. Listening to the music, always enhances my experience with the book.
*****Patty’s Review*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

In a heartbeat, every look we’d shared flashed through my mind, from that initial fleeting glance across the dance studio the first time I’d heard him sing, to this one. This one told me I owned his heart, his soul, his everything.

This was my very first LH Cosway book and all I can say is that after having finished this one I am DYING to read every single story she has ever written!! I have become her newest FANGIRL!!! From beginning to end, I loved the ever loving crap out of this story. It was like having my most favorite meal – I never wanted it to end!! This book had a beautiful, dirty talking, and utterly to die for Hero and a beyond loveable Heroine. Throw in a bunch of angst, well developed secondary characters, and off the charts STEAM, and you have the makings of THE PERFECT BOOK!!

Rose Taylor is an assistant to a choreographer of the Broadway rendition of Moulin Rouge. She is getting over a recent breakup with an actor she worked with on a previous job. She has had a weakness in the past for actors but now has decided to write the lot off. Her new rule against dating actors is about to be put to the test when she meets the leading man of the show, Damon Atwood.

Damon was a child star who went through all the usual family drama and ended up getting emancipated from his father at an early age. Some of the things he went through while living with his father have left some lasting damage even through to his adulthood. He’s been out of the limelight for nearly a decade, living on a small island in Scotland with his Gran. On her deathbed, she urged Damon to try his hand at acting again. She truly believed in his talent and felt he could find happiness in it again. He’s a man of a few words and shy, but he lets all of his inhibitions go when he gets into character.

When Damon and Rose first meet, you can feel that simmering attraction from the start. There is an undeniable pull between them. Damon feels a little unnerved having to live in the city of London and on his first night there, he asks Rose for help with directions to his new home. He finds himself feeling at peace whenever she is around and for some reason he feels that he can trust her. Damon has trust issues that stem from the time he spent with his father and with people who seemed to only be interested in him for his celebrity.

The two seem oblivious to that fact that they are both attracted to each other and that made for some good angst. Plus, throw in a couple of characters that were out to get in between the two and it became downright painful at times. But when Damon lets down his guard a little and the dirty talking alter ego comes out, well let’s just say Rose wasn’t the only one left panting and weak in the knees. I was nearly dying from the anticipation for the two of them to finally give in to their passion for each other, but the slow build made it that much more fantastic when it finally happened!!! Once Damon gets a taste of Rose, he becomes insatiable and I couldn’t get enough of the steam!!

Be sure and one-click because this is a definite MUST READ!!!! I already know this is one I will re-read in the future. It was just that PERFECT!!!

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