REVIEW – CRAVE ME (The Good Ol’ Boys, #4) by M. Robinson



They say in order to find yourself you have to go home.
What if home was what you’re running from?
Where did that leave you?
Always on the other side of the fence.
Always looking in.
Always wishing you were someone you couldn’t be.
Until one day you meet her.
The one.
She was my high, but she was also…

My demise.

STANDALONE within a series. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Strong language and themes, and sexual content, not intended for readers under 18. This is a Full Length Novel. Cover coming soon.

*****Dee’s Review*****

6++++~My Rebel Boy~ Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author)

Crave Me is intense, addictive and heartbreaking. Author M.Robinson will rip your heart out with this book, and you are going to love it!!!!! We know this author as the queen of angst and she will live up to her title once more with this stunning story. Make sure you stock up on chocolate and tequila; since this last installment of the amazing Good Ol’ Boys series is going out with a bang.


Austin…, sweet and sexy Austin. (*sigh) He’s the lost boy, constantly behind, always searching for validation from his loved ones. He has talent, southern charm, and an addictive personality. The youngest of the boys, he always felt misunderstood and after that terrible accident where he almost killed his best friend, half-pint, life in Oak Island got too much for him to handle, so he left.

He left with nothing, and in search of everything. One night in Miami he found the paradise he’d been looking for… Purple hair, her skin covered in art, a siren’s body and haunted eyes.

Briggs had no childhood, only pain, and lessons about what a messed up world we live in. At a young age, she decided to embrace her Martinez last name and joined her uncle in the kingdom where power is your most important weapon, taking what was up for grabs. Because life is a party, and she decided to RSVP…

The life she hated is what brought her face to face with the bad boy who with only one kiss would claim every inch of her body and soul.

Both Austin and Briggs are lost, but together they become a force to be reckoned with. Everything about them is intense, beautiful but also toxic. A love pure as sin, sex so fiery that burns through the pages of this novel and a relationship so heartbreaking that will ultimately make these two characters hit rock bottom. Will they survive? And… most importantly will you?


All our favorite characters from the previous books make an appearance because the heart of this stories is the loyal and fierce friendship The Good Ol’ Boys share. As a reader we have loved and suffered right along with them, they are part of our hearts, and M. Robinson has saved the best for last.

Austin became my favorite boy. With each book, each boy had a special place in my heart, but Austin conquered. I got high with his story. I fantasized and hoped hard for him. I wanted to scream at him, hug him and fix him, but as I discovered more about him and the beautiful way he loved Briggs, I accepted his flaws and became completely obsessed with him. A heart pounding, sweaty palms, damp panties kind of story. Author M. Robinson takes the cake with this one; I freaking LOVED IT!!!!!! So, OF COURSE, I highly recommend it.

Not only did I fall in love with Austin and Briggs, but also with Brigg’s uncle, Alejandro. The sexy Colombian mafia boss, that has a black heart, the body of an adonis and super alpha personality. That ending left me panting and craving more. I need this author to hurry up and write more,PLEASE!!! (Yes, M. Robinson, I am begging)

My Crave Me music playlist:
*Lost Boy by Ruth B
*Ain’t It a Sin by Charles Bradley
*Crave You by Flight Facilities
*Close by Nick Jonas
*Life Support by Sam Smith
*Sorry by Buckcherry
*Make It To Me by Sam Smith

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