REVIEW – IN YOUR DREAMS (Falling, #4) by Ginger Scott



** Release date – March 29, 2016 **

Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked away in his head:
He’s never on time.
His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless.
Money is always short.
Goals are never in reach.

Oh, and he’s decided to add college drop-out to that list, too. He doesn’t really think that last one’s such a bad thing, but his family insists it is, so it stays on the list.

On paper, he’s a zero. But in person, when he’s mixing tracks for a sea of bodies at the hottest clubs and parties, he’s downright irresistible. Just-right stubble on his chin, body of a boxer and a smirk that stimulates all the right nerves—women have never been a problem. They flock to his swagger and fall for his charm…fast.

All except for this one.

Purple hair, gray eyes, a raspy voice and sass, Murphy Sullivan is a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. And her and Casey? They have history. He can’t remember it, but she wrote a song about him—and it’s not exactly a love song. But it is good. Damn good. And uncovering her inspiration just might be the key to solving a few of his shortcomings—not to mention open doors to his own big break in the music industry.

But sometimes dreams get messy when they collide. Sometimes life changes patterns. A past paints the wrong picture and futures get cloudy. The only question that remains is who will you choose when the dust settles—you? Or the girl of your dreams?

** This book is a Falling Series spin-off. It can be read as a standalone. **

*****Dee’s Review*****

4 Bright Stars****

(ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review)

” I thought her singing was perfection. I thought no other sound could compare, but when she pants for me and cries with pleasure, I come undone.”

Very sweet and beautifully written story about how two very complex characters found each other through music.


Murphy is a very talented musician that suffers from a lot of insecurities. When she was young she suffered from a speech impediment that caused her a lot of pain and humiliation throughout her high school years. Years later, she’s older and wiser but some of those insecurities still linger and have the power to freeze her up in front of large audiences.

Murphy has written a song as a way to rebel against all those struggles from her past. The song is amazing and is titled after a boy who used to make fun of her in school. It’s not long before someone posts a video of her playing the song on YouTube, catching the attention of a lot of people including Casey Coffield.

Casey lives and breathes music. Against his family’s wishes, Casey has decided to follow his own path. He is a Deejay and music producer with a dream of one day having his own record label. When Casey first hears the song titled after him, he recognizes the talent behind the music but he has no clue who the girl singing really is or why she’s singing about him; so he sets out on a mission to find her.

Casey will find a lot more than music when he meets Murphy. When these two characters cross paths again the collaboration will be flawed and yet so beautiful.

Ginger Scott has a talent for humanizing characters in such a way, that you can’t help but relate and connect with her stories immediately. Romantic and highly entertaining her books always become memorable lyrics that continue to play in your mind for days and days after you finished the book.

This book is a spinoff story from the Falling series but it can totally be read as a standalone.

In Your Dreams releases on March 29th and is available for pre-order on Amazon:…

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I’ll wish for you because wanting you isn’t enough and having you is too fleeting. And should we find ourselves apart, I’ll wish twice as hard, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be lucky enough to run into you in one of our dreams.


This was a very slow to build read. At times, I thought that I was going to end up hating this one because I also wasn’t loving the hero during the first half of the story. He seemed to be very self-centered and I didn’t find anything attractive about him at all. But then things started to come together once he shows his vulnerable side. In the end, I really did enjoy this touching story.

Casey Coffield and Murphy Sullivan went to High School together but they ran with different crowds back then. Casey was the popular guy at school, who got all the babes and Murphy was barely a blip on his radar back then. But years later, Casey hears about a song Murphy wrote and performed at an open mic night, titled ”In Your Dreams Casey Coffield”, and Casey is determined to find out who this girl is. He actually loves the song and her voice and thinks he can help her break into the music business. He works for a big record producer and also wants to one day own his own recording studio.


While Murphy remembers Casey from their High School days, Casey has no recollection of her. As they start spending more time together, Casey and Murphy begin to realize that what they have between them is a once in a lifetime deal. They may be from completely different worlds but they both share a deep love for music and seem to be made for each other.

There are some really heartbreaking moments as well. Casey has been on his own for several years after having been kicked out of his home by his father, who doesn’t approve of Casey’s decision to pursue a career in music. But now his family needs him and Casey is finding it hard to face reality. Murphy becomes his rock and in turn, Casey will sacrifice his happiness to ensure that Murphy gets her big break in the music industry.

The ending made my heart flutter and put a smile on my face. I definitely recommend one clicking this one.

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