REVIEW – 9 LETTERS by Blake Austin

9 letters cover


Luke Cawley is a broken man. After his wife’s tragic death, he lost everything that mattered in the world. Now, his life is filled with hard days, harder nights, and a steady stream of alcohol and the wrong kind of women. Nothing helps.

Until the letters arrive on Luke’s doorstep.

Nine envelopes. Nine messages. Nine chances to find his way back.

Rae Goode is looking for the real thing. After fighting her way out of a string of bad relationships, she’s ready for something different–something true.

She meets Luke while piecing her life together, and right away she can tell that he’s different. Drawn together by fate and the desire to heal, Rae and Luke discover new ways to mend their broken hearts–one letter at a time.

Discover Blake Austin’s debut novel of loss, redemption, and ever-enduring love.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I knew Emily was dead. But these letters, they were probably the last words she’d committed to paper, and they traced her downfall as she’d come to terms with her own death. I was reliving her last days, and I wanted her story to end differently. I wanted our happily-ever-after.


When I heard the buzz about this book, my interest was piqued. I usually stay away from novels written by first-time authors because I just assume the story won’t be anything special, or will read like it was written by an amateur. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of crap books out there. Also, the last time I read a supposed sad story written by a man, I hated it with all of my heart. I’m happy, in this instance, that I took a chance on this book. I really enjoyed it, even though the story was incredibly sad.


Have you read or seen the movie P.S. I Love You? Well, this book right here was like the male version of that movie. In this story, it is the wife that dies way too soon and leaves behind her devastated husband. It’s a year to the day that Luke Cawley’s wife, Emily, passed away from cancer. He has become an empty shell of the man he used to be, after having lost the love of his life, his high-school sweetheart. Luke’s given up on pretty much everything that brought him joy and has become somewhat of a recluse, shutting out all of his friends and family. Then one morning he finds a package on his front porch and the contents turn out to be nine labeled letters from his deceased wife.

9 letters teaser for excerpt reveal

Emily knew Luke so well, that on her death bed she decided to write him a series of letters to help him find his way back to the man he used to be. Each letter either had a task for Luke to complete or a truth to help ease his guilt. He was not allowed to read each subsequent letter until he fulfilled the task requested of him from the previous one. Slowly, Luke realizes that he let his grief take over his life and that he had been making some poor choices.

While trying to complete a task from one of Emily’s letters, he meets a beautiful and sweet woman named Rae. She ends up making him feel something he thought had died along with his wife. But he struggles with guilt where Emily is concerned and at times his temper gets the best of him, which has him acting like an ass on more than one occasion. Will Luke let his bitterness ruin his second chance at happiness or will he find the inner strength and clarity to move on?

9 letters teaser

This was a very good story by a debut author. One that I was completely engrossed in and that I do highly recommend.

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