REVIEW – THE MIND (Reluctant Romantics, #1.5) by Kate Stewart

The Mind


We fell in love in a lightning strike, a sudden anomaly in a sea of lost people.
He knew right away, yet I was hesitant. I could have never prepared myself for a love like ours.
No one could.
As a child, I had conjured an amazing story in my mind. It was a story I could retell about a man that would move me like no other; a story about the way we met and how he had swept me off my feet. But, the ending to that fairytale was so far from the reality.
No one will want to hear that story now, but for Grant, I will always tell it.

***Explicit Sex and Language. Not for those who are not fans of spontaneous love affairs.

Reading Order for The Reluctant Romantics Series

The Fall
The Mind 1.5 (Novella for Grant and Rose)
The Heart (Coming March) 2016



*****Mel’s Review*****

5 “Did you feel that?” Stars!

Grant Foster is a 29 yr. old guy born and raised in Texas who works as an airplane mechanic. He is currently caring for his ill father in Tennessee & in a dead end relationship. He is travelling back & forth, working hard to get back to Texas & build the life he’s always wanted, when he crosses paths with the girl of his dreams.

Grant see’s the beautiful Rose Whitaker & it’s love at first sight. He doesn’t believe in wasting time & he goes for what he wants. He relentlessly pursues Rose, to the point where at first she finds him a bit overwhelming, but she can’t fight the intense feelings he stirs in her. Among these feelings is lust. Grant is seriously hot, & Rose wants him bad! She hasn’t been with a man in a while. She is a 4th yr. med student with an extremely demanding schedule. She decided long ago love would have to take a backset to her career & her goals to open her own practice with her sister. Being a successful surgeon one day was everything to her, that is until Grant Foster worked his way into her heart.


-“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

-“You know Rose, I know you feel it too and it’s okay to be a little afraid. But this is how the good ones start.”

-“And it will only get better when I finally get to touch you.”

-I want to know you.

The more time Grant & Rose spend together the more they fall in love with one another. It’s an intense beautiful once in a lifetime kind of love. They are both blissfully happy & excited for their future together. It’s a whirlwind of a romance, & everything is falling into place when tragedy strikes. We first met Grant in The Fall & I fell in love with him. He is such a beautiful character. I knew this would be a tough book to read & a tear jerker & it was. I had to take breaks during certain parts because my heart felt like it was being ripped in two. As emotional as it was to read, I soaked up every minute of this beautiful story. Just adored this couple & their love story. I highly recommend reading The Fall first if you haven’t read it yet since we first meet Grant & Rose in that book.


-Never in my life had I been blessed to have such a man.

-I was overwhelmed, excited and terrified of his effect on me.

-“Why are you so intent on forever with me?”

-“Because that is what my heart told me the second I looked at you. And for the first time in my life, I’m letting it lead the way.”


-“You are every dream I’ve ever had.”

-The minute I saw you I was done with the unknown and my life had just started.

-“I want it all. You made me want more, you are the more.”

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 Heart Breaking Stars*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

“I’m more scared of not saying how I feel, of not telling you I want you, of not taking the chance with you, and begging you for the same.”


This novella surrounds the whirlwind and heart breaking romance between Grant and Rose. I highly recommend that you read The Fall before diving into this one because we are introduced to this amazing couple first in that book. I never had the ugly cry over secondary characters in a story till I read “The Fall”. Also having read the first book, you will be prepared for the insta love factor in this one and will understand why things progress at warp speed.

We get to experience how their beautiful romance began and for those of you who fell in love with Grant like I did, you will love getting his heart breaking back story. This explains his seemingly erratic behavior.


There is little to no angst in this one. Grant is a man determined to win over the object of his affections and he is relentless in his pursuit of Rose. She does have some misgivings at first but is no match against Grant’s persistent nature.

Having read the first book, I knew that I was in store for some gut wrenching heart break and Kate Stewart surely delivered!! I am strongly advising those who haven’t read this one yet, to make sure you have a bottle of wine handy and a box of tissues!!!

Another beautifully written story by the amazingly talented Kate Stewart!!!
I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the next book in this series – The Heart, due out this Spring!!


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