*****REVIEW***** SEBRING (Unfinished Hero, #5) by Kristen Ashley



Nick Sebring has issues. Born feeling like an outsider in his own family, growing up under the shadow of a brother who could do anything, Nick isn’t that great of a guy. But when this culminates with Nick lashing out to hurt his brother through the woman he loves, Nick turns inward and makes some decisions about the man he intends to be.

And as he does this, he falls in love and truly learns the man that he’s grown to be.

When his love is murdered right before Nick’s eyes, Nick knows he has to avenge her. He knows how he’s going to avenge her. And he has no qualms using Olivia Shade to exact that vengeance.

Olivia Shade has grown up on the outside of her family too. Her problem is that they don’t want her outside. They want her all the way in, right under their thumbs. She pays the price for seeking escape and learns her lesson—she’ll never see a dawn where she wakes up free.

Then she meets Nick Sebring, and even as she fights it, the hope that died years ago starts to blossom. She can find love. She can have a man of her own. She can be happy. She can be free.

Olivia hopes while Nick schemes.

However, as Nick peels back the layers of all that is Olivia Shade, he finds something surprising. He understands its fragility. He falls in love with its beauty. He seeks to protect it.

But he forgets to protect his Livvie from one thing: Nick Sebring.

*****Dee’s Review*****
5 ~I Believe~ Stars****

This was a bittersweet experience for me. Whenever I read a final book from a KA series, my heart and my head become a mess. Elation and sadness. Excitement and nostalgia. I’ve become so invested in all these books that reading Sebringwas like saying farewell to family members, or close friends.

Over the years I have cried, laughed, and felt so many other emotions reading these perfectly crafted stories that will always stay in my heart…

I’m going to sleep on it, allow myself to go through all the different emotions and come back and write my review.

But I can already tell you that I have nothing negative to say about the story. Just like the previous ones it was beyond wonderful and over the top Alpha, funny and sexy. In other words, KA style in all its glory. I loved it very much!!!!


Full Review Now Posted.

We first met Nick Sebring as the arrogant and flamboyant brother of Knight Sebring. Nick was young and foolish, making a lot of mistakes that he later had to pay for. Years later he’s now more mature and is finally working with the good guys. On a mission gone wrong, his girlfriend is murdered in front of him and after that day revenge against those who took his woman is the only motivation he has to keep him going.

Four years later Nick has crafted the perfect plan that will take him inside The House of Shade, so he can finally avenge the life of his dead lover.

Olivia Shade lives a life of riches, big house, fancy and beautiful clothes, anything a woman could want, except freedom; she is a ghost in her own life. She has no say when it comes to making decisions, her father and sister call the shots and she is supposed to do everything they say. This doesn’t mean Olivia is weak or a push-over. She’s simply learned a hard lesson years ago –not to go against her father’s wishes. She now carries the scars of those mistakes in her heart and skin.

Olivia hides behind a stone cold façade. She’s had to train herself not to want anything. She simply breathes, eats, and goes to work. But Olivia has one little secret she keeps from everyone. It’s the only pleasure she’s allowed herself to enjoy through the years, and she has managed to keep it hidden and precious. Nick Sebring knows Olivia’s secret and that is where he’ll find his way in, or perhaps it will be him she finds.

Nick Sebring and Olivia Shade-two lost souls that will meet in the dark and bask in the glow of lust. Finally finding the strength to believe in the power of love.

The realness and rawness of the characters in this series is something that I really enjoy. Every book is dear to me. Strength and passion are two components always present in these stories and over the years each of The Unfinished Heroes, together with the badass women they call theirs, have captivated my heart.

These books have a bit of a darker side to them but the true KA essence that all of us fans adore, shines bright, making Knight, Raid, Creed, Deacon and Sebring true heroes in my heart.

My Sebring music playlist:
*Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez
*Killing For Love Jose Gonzalez
*Hands Of Love by Miley Cyrus
* Beautiful Goodbye by Maroon Five
*Bonfire Heart By James Blunt

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