REVIEW – DAWN OF FOREVER (Jack & Jill, #3) by Jewel E. Ann

dawn of forever jewel e ann


’til death do us part.

Aric James Monaghan promised Jillian Knight Portland. With a heavy heart and a light bag, she travels to the West Coast for the man she loved. In a blink her worlds collide, holding her hostage to a past filled with lies, deceit, and revenge.

Four Caskets

Two Bodies

It all started with a boy and a girl—their tragic love story is shared through the eyes of the enemy.

Every word fades dreams and shatters memories as life slips away. Jillian needs a Knight, Jessica needs a miracle, and together they need a savior.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE++++++++++TO INFINITY STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

“Love is reckless because true emotions are immune to logic. The most beautiful love stories are often the most tragic.”

dawn of forever teaser 2


You know what I’ve learned after reading this book? That I FREAKING LOVE JEWEL E ANN!!!! Her writing just blows me away and her stories end up captivating me. This series was unlike anything I’ve ever read before and at first, I was worried that it wouldn’t be for me but then it grabbed a hold of my heart and I was all in for this crazy ride!!!

Usually, there is only one guy I end up falling for in a story but this one gave me two BEAUTIFUL men to swoon over. They couldn’t be more different in every way and yet each man made my heart soar. Luke and Jackson are seriously amazing book boyfriends!

Jillian/Jessica finds herself in a precarious situation which seems all too familiar. Luke can’t stop thinking about seeing her in that hotel lobby and has this feeling in his gut that she needs him. And while Jackson gives Jillian some space, he’s also struggling with whether or not he can tell Ryn the truth about his other life as Jude Day. Once his past comes and introduces itself to his present, his chance at happiness is compromised.

We get more flashbacks from Luke and Jessica’s time together up until her faked death and every moment with Luke had me falling more and more in love with him. I can’t even count how many quotes I highlighted throughout this book!


Don’t even get me started on Jackson! The man is incredible. The way he was so passionate about Ryn even made my toes curl! Every woman over 40 needs a Jackson!! There was one moment in the book that I seriously just about had a coronary and started to have the ugly cry. I almost had to get myself seriously drunk, which is nothing new when reading one of Jewel’s books!!

dawn of foever teaser 3

On another note, Luke’s younger sister Lake was a secondary character that was a serious scene stealer. I would love it if somehow we could get a novella for her because OMG the chemistry between her and a certain someone was really intriguing me.

I am trying not to give too much detail in this review because this is a story you need to go into blind. I am telling you it is so unique and it is so damn good! Every time I read a book by Jewel, I realize more and more that she is a seriously talented author. She is definitely up there with the authors that I idolize.

Read this series!!!!!!! I promise you are in for one hell of an adventure!


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