REVIEW – THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM (Everything I Left Unsaid, #2) by M.O’KEEFE



For fans of Christina Lauren and Jodi Ellen Malpas comes the next novel in M. O’Keefe’s breathtakingly sexy series about a woman called into a journey of the heart, body, and soul.

We played our roles, told each other lies.

But now Dylan is no longer just a mysterious deep voice on the other end of the line. We’re face-to-face and our relationship is very, very real.

We still have secrets—but so much is crystal clear:

The thrilling danger.

The raw, naked desire.

The need to keep feeling the way he makes me feel. Forever.

Dylan is putting up walls, trying to keep me safe, but he can’t shut me out. He has seen my darkness and rescued me. Now it’s my turn, if only he will let me.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****3.75 – 4 BEDROCK STARS*****
{Netgalley ARC}

There was darkness in both of us. And light. I could not claim to have saved him. I could only say that the moment I answered that phone, we began to save each other. Over and over again, in big and small ways.

I think this is one of the rare times that I feel like this was an, “it’s me and not you”, deal over a book I finished reading. I saw so much love for this series and my friends were saying how much they loved this particular book, but I didn’t come away with that same feeling. I am sad. I tried. Maybe it was because I started this the night before going back to work, after having a two and a half week long vacation. Or maybe it’s because I had to put this book on hold a few days in order to read a Beta. In any case, I will say the writing is good and there were aspects of the story that I really did enjoy.

This book picks up where the first one left off. Annie’s past has come back with a vengeance. We get a lot of serious drama and action right from the get go. She and Dylan wind up in the hospital, but things seem to be looking up for the two since a threat has been dealt with. Little do they know there’s an even bigger problem awaiting them.

There were moments I found myself bored and other times I was just seriously tired of all the push and pull going on between Dylan and Annie. Both would on separate occasions feel this need to push the other away and in the next breath they were clinging on to each other for dear life. The sex was incredibly steamy, but at times I wondered was this all they had going for them? They even questioned that themselves.

What I really enjoyed, were the moments Dylan shared with his father. There was so much pain between them, but with help from Annie, Dylan was able to open up little by little to Ben. I was happy that he got his closure there because he was holding on to so much hurt from the past, feeling like his brother and father abandoned him when he needed them the most. I even enjoyed the bits between Dylan and his brother, Max.

Overall it’s not a bad story. I think if I had chosen to read this at another time, I may have loved it more. I would say to give this a go and not to let my review affect your decision to read this.

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