REVIEW – LOST IN YOU by Serena Grey



One night.
One love.
One heart.
One forever.

The concluding part of the Swanson Court Trilogy

What do you do when you take a leap of faith, and you don’t get what you expected?

You move on.

That is exactly what Rachel plans to do, to put aside her heartbreak, and concentrate on her work and the people she loves.

But Landon is not easy to forget. When he reappears in her life, is he offering the perfect ending she wants more than anything, or just another flirtation with heartbreak, pain, danger, and devastating loss.

*****Dee’s Review*****

****3.5 Sweet Stars****

(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

Lost In You is the conclusion to the very sexy story of the gorgeous hotelier and the reporter who met under very peculiar circumstances. The city of New York plays the perfect backdrop for a sensual story where two lost hearts finally find each other…


Rachel left Landon in San Francisco after a night of heated passion that concluded in heart break. She had confessed her love to him but his fear of commitment has once again pushed her away.

When Rachel gets back in town a few surprises await her. Her ex lover Jack is leaving the magazine where they both work, her cousin has not only reconciled with her boyfriend but is now marrying him and the dream job she had applied for years ago has called her in for an interview. A lot of reasons that should make Rachel happy but her heart feels empty without Landon in her life.

Determined to forget about him, Rachel submerges herself in work and in the preparations for her cousin’s destination wedding.

A few weeks later she receives the surprise of a lifetime when Landon finally comes back to her to tell her not only that he loves her but that he is ready to be with her forever. For these two passionate lovers it will be very easy to get lost in each other , but Landon’s past comes back with devastating force, threatening to separate Landon and Rachel, forever.

Will their new love be strong enough to survive?

Read this romantic story and find out…

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