REVIEW – THE FALL (The Reluctant Romantics, #1) by Kate Stewart

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He was the beginning of my heart . . . and the end of it.
I was only fifteen years old when he claimed it and twenty when he took it with him.
They say what is meant to be will find a way. But when you have changed to the point of no return, how can anything ever be the same?
Seven years later, Dean Martin waltzed back into my life in hopes of resuming what I had fought so hard to forget, but he was in for a wake-up call.
I was no longer the naïve woman he had left . . . and I was no longer his.
I met the love of my life and my soul mate when I was fifteen. I knew that; he knew that. He wanted that girl back. I wanted to forget she ever existed.

What I thought was my pre-destined path was very much an illusion. Living seven years with regret, I realized too late that I was broken, and that I only had myself to blame.
I thought love could wait . . . but it didn’t.
We’d had it all those years ago, and then I foolishly left it behind.
She was all that mattered. She was all there ever was.
There was no life without Dallas, no reason . . . except her.
No matter how hard she tried to convince me, I knew I had to once again make her mine, to make her remember . . . the fall.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE+++++++++”WAY TO GO MARTIN STARS”*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange For an Honest Review}

This was my second Beta for the lovely Kate Stewart!!
I feel so blessed that she entrusts me with her works of art!

I have a new book boyfriend and his name is DEAN!
This man is GORGEOUS. A sharp dresser!! And a MASTER at the SEXY TIMES!!! All I kept thinking was how much I wanted to live in the pages of this book and make Dean my own!!

Well I decided HE’s MINE!!!!


This is a story of friends who turn into lovers, but then life gets in the way, which ultimately tears them apart. And after all the pain and regret, can two people who were always meant to be, overcome their insecurities and get that second chance at love?

Dallas and Dean meet while in High School. She is a freshman, and he is a senior. From the moment they lay eyes on each other, they feel a strong connection. This is definitely a case of love at first sight, but Dean thinks their three year age difference is too much at that point in their lives, so he decides to become Dallas’ best friend instead.

When they both end up at the same college a few years later, things get serious between the two. Dean can no longer hide his feelings for Dallas and after a bit of angst the two seem to be inseparable and heading towards a promising future. I must say that there’s some pretty amazing sexy times here and I wanted so desperately to be Dallas! Dean is half Spanish and ladies when he starts speaking in his native tongue, I melted into a puddle every time!!

Towards the end of their first year together as a couple, Dean is graduating and going off to NYC, to med school. Dallas, in my opinion, makes a big mistake here and so starts the heart break and what seems to be the end of their relationship.

This story is told from the present day where both Dallas and Dean are doctors and will end up crossing paths again, seven years after having broken up. But we do get many flashbacks so we become fully invested in these two characters and you can’t help but root for them to find their way back to each other. Wow the angst, it was at times unbearable. BUT, I am a sucker for angst, so this fed my addiction perfectly!!


Did I mention already how incredibly STEAMY the sex gets??!!! Well let’s just say Dean gets even better in the sex department when the two meet up years later. I was fanning myself, and definitely in need of a long cold shower as well!!


What I love about Kate’s writing style is that she’s also great at creating some amazing secondary characters. I loved Dallas’ parents, whom you will meet in her book titled Room 212, and her younger sister, Rose along with her boyfriend, Grant. I am so excited to get to their book!!

The first time I read this book, I was out at the laundromat, and I got to a part so horribly heart breaking, that I was crying big fat ugly tears, and I didn’t care if anyone saw me! I was destroyed!! Seriously didn’t see that coming and let me tell you, I don’t cry often while reading, so when a book invokes those kinds of emotions from me, well, then I am THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED!!!

I really don’t want to go too much into detail about this one because I want you all to be able to enjoy it. I have to warn there is a cheating element, but it never bothered me because I knew that Dean and Dallas were ALWAYS meant to belong to each other.

I loved Kate’s last book, Loving The White Liar, but I gotta say this one right here, is HANDS DOWN, her BEST book so far!!! I am not even embellishing a little. I seriously am in love with this story! I begged Kate to get this baby published as soon as possible because I feel that this has to be out there for all of you to read!

I think you all may have just a short month to wait for this bad boy to go LIVE!! When it does, I hope you will one click!!!







*****Dee’s Review*****

******5 Beautiful Stars*****

(ARC kindle provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

I fell for Dean and Dallas’ love story. Fell for the beauty of the words in this novel. And lastly, I fell for the way Kate Stewart gave life to these characters and through their great pain and immense love she put me inside of the story, making me able to feel it all.


Dean and Dallas met when they were both in high school and quickly became best friends. Dallas had a big crush on him and so did he but their age difference was something Dean couldn’t get over so he kept things on the friend zone.

A few years later they both end up at the same university, also both trying to become doctors. The chemistry between them was as strong as it ever was in the past if not more, so this time around they decide to give love a try but just when everything is going great, life turns upside down and a terrible heartbreak will be inevitable.

Seven years later, Dean still feels the pain in his heart by just hearing Dallas’s name. He became the successful doctor he had set out to be, in the city he wanted to live in, but even after seven years, he still feels a big void inside his heart and so he goes back to look for the one that got away, Dallas.

Dallas has a job she loves, big plans with her sister to open up her own practice and a hot boyfriend. Life is good for her. But the moment Dallas sets eyes on Dean again, her world comes crumbling down and she remembers what it was like to belong to him, to be loved by him, and also to be left by him.

Dean proposes a friendship, they were always good at that. Truth is, no matter how much time has passed or how much heartache has separated them, they can’t turn their backs on each other. A loyal friendship is the one thing that will never disappear between them.

Friendship is the link that takes them into something more, a love that was so painful and is surrounded by so many secrets. Will these lovers be courageous enough to confront the truth that broke them apart and left their hearts bleeding all those years ago? And more importantly can they survive a second chance?


The funny banter, the steamy sex, the unbreakable love, was just some kind of wonderful. I was hooked on this story and just like every other reader had said, I simply couldn’t put it down. I cried, I yelled and I swooned with these characters as they fought their way through to their happy ending.

If you are a hopeless romantic, who likes well written novels by all means do not waste any time, and pick up this book today! Dean’s enchanting and soft Spanish words will make you fall and dream of him for days to come.

Kate Stewart added a gorgeous playlist at the end of the book that totally enhances the readers experience, be sure to check it out on Spotify. Here are some of my favorite songs from her music list:

*Jealous by Labrinth
*I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen
*Trust Issues by Beatrice Eli
*Explosions by Elle Goulding
*All We ever Do is Say Goodbye
*High by James Blunt



*****Mel’s Review*****

5 It Will Always Be You Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

“I’ll still love you in a week, in a month, and in three years. I’ll still love you for the rest of my life.”


This is the story about two soulmates who are destined to be together, but find each other at the wrong time in their lives. Dallas Whitaker finds the other half of her heart in Dean Martin when she is only 15. She’s a freshman in high school, & he’s a senior. They both fall hard for one another, but the timing is never right. Dean won’t act on his feelings because of her age, so they become the best of friends always longing for more. He leaves for college & they are separated for three years until Dallas graduates high school. Once they are reunited at college they are inseparable. Dallas is now 18 & they can finally confess their feelings & act on them. They have one magical year together that’s everything they’ve both been dreaming of, & then Dean leaves again, this time for medical school in New York. They both make promises to stay together, but their goals take them in different directions.


Seven years later Dean is still in New York & Dallas is still in Texas. They’ve never fully been able to give their heart to another because they each gave it away years ago when they were teenagers. They have both felt empty & broken for years. Dean is drowning in a fate he created. He put his career first & has worked his whole life to become a doctor. He has now accomplished all his goals, but realizes that without Dallas in his life, it all means nothing. He has many regrets, & wishes he could go back in time & do things differently. He decides to take action & finally go after what he wants.


Dallas Whitaker is starting her second year residency at Dallas Memorial Hospital & finally getting her life in order when the man who completely shattered her heart seven years ago shows up out of the blue. They haven’t spoken in years, but her traitorous heart loves him as if no time has passed. Dean doesn’t waste any time making his intentions clear & letting Dallas know he’s back to stay & he wants to win her back. He’s returned to claim the other half of his heart, & will do whatever it takes.


Dallas is terrified to let Dean back into her heart. He was the love of her life, but she feels it’s too late & so much has changed. She isn’t the same young girl, & she doesn’t think she could survive that kind of heartbreak a second time. She has a life she is content with, & she doesn’t want to put her trust in Dean again, just to be let down. Loving Dean nearly destroyed her the first time around.


Dean & Dallas continue to be around one another & they just can’t control their pull toward each other. What they feel is this all consuming love that is so intense & so powerful, they can’t deny it any longer. They are simply meant to be. This was such a beautiful story about second chance romance. It was my first book by this author & I can’t wait to read more by her! This book just makes you feel EVERYTHING & reminds you we don’t always get another chance, so when you find love, hold on and never let go! & of course I MUST mention the gorgeous, sexy Dr. Dean Martin! Oh my lord, this is one hot, delicious, Spanish swoon worthy man!!! Enjoyed every single minute of Dean sexy time! THANK YOU Kate Stewart!!! ;))


-“Being his, with him, it was the best time of my life.”

-“He made me feel loved and beautiful and wanted.”

-“We just fit and neither of us could stay away.”

-“The best I have ever felt in my life is when I lose myself in my love for you.”

-“I know when I’m speaking to the other half of me. I’ve always known, my love.”

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