REVIEW – VEGAS LOVE by Jillian Dodd

vegas love new cover


Hollywood actress, Ashlyn Roberts, just had the worst week of her life. Her ex released a sex tape of them and just when she was convinced her current boyfriend was a keeper for standing by her side, he breaks up with her at a friend’s wedding. She’s planning to drown her sorrows in booze when she meets a sexy stranger as she’s leaving the wedding and they end up in Vegas, married.

Cash Crawford is offered a dream job working with his brother as a junior talent agent. He’ll put his shiny new law degree to good use and make a bunch of money in the process. His first task is simple: Keep Ashlyn Roberts out of trouble and don’t sleep with her.
Which might be kind of tough, since they definitely consummated their Vegas wedding.

Will this one night stand end in the quickie divorce they promised each other? Or will they realize they got lucky in love?

A standalone contemporary romance by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jillian Dodd.

*****Patty’s Review*****

{ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review}

I know this is supposed to be just a crazy one-night stand, but there’s a big part of me that wishes it could be more.


This was a sexy, quick read, which was low on angst and had a hero who will have you drooling throughout the story. I had never read anything by Jillian Dodd, but knew that her Keatyn Chronicles series was very popular with some of my friends. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found this one to be a very enjoyable read.

Ashlyn Roberts is Hollywood’s latest “IT” girl. What we’ve learned from pop culture is that when young people get a taste of fame too early, sometimes they get caught up in a downward spiral and have one scandal after another. Soon they become a joke and ultimately fade into obscurity. Ashlyn is about one scandal away from becoming the next Lindsay Lohan. One boyfriend walked out on her a year ago via text, she’s been causing issues on her latest movie project, a sex tape of her and her ex has just gone viral and her current boy band boyfriend has publicly broken up with her. I was a little worried in the beginning of the story because I really didn’t like Ashlyn. I mean this does not paint a pretty picture of a lovable Heroine.

Cash Crawford is a lawyer, who has been living in Seattle for the past couple of years. His older brother, Cade, offers him a job with his company and Cash is ready to come back home to California since Seattle seems to be a dead end. He’s a pretty easy going guy, who likes to have fun with the ladies and he’s definitely oozing with sex appeal.

The story starts to take off from the moment Ashlyn and Cash meet at a close friend’s wedding reception. Ashlyn had been drinking away her sorrows after having been dumped by her recent boyfriend and runs right into Cash, or Sexy, as she so appropriately nicknamed him. They’re instantly attracted to each other and don’t waste any time before they’re getting down & dirty on a golf course. Ashlyn and Cash don’t want their HOT night to end so they board a private jet and are bound for Vegas. These two become insatiable for each other and end up having a seriously crazy night in Vegas. They decide to top the night off by getting married in a little wedding chapel. Is this a drunken mistake or could it be the real thing?

The next morning Ash aka “Hotass”, sneaks out of their hotel room and flies back home. She never knew Cash’s real name but Cash on the other hand, knew exactly who she was and is also about to find out that his brother, Cade, is Ashlyn’s agent and has hired him to keep an eye on Ashlyn. A job he is all too happy to take on, even though his brother forbids him to have sex with her. Little does he know that he has had a whole lot more than sex with the starlet.

The rest of the story we are left wondering whether the two will end up filing for divorce or will they realize that a drunken night in Vegas actually turned out to be the Once in a Lifetime Fairytale Love that they’ve always dreamed of having.

I would have liked a little more angst because I’m a glutton for punishment and the insta-vegas love had me rolling my eyes a bit, but I have to admit that Cash was such a mouth wateringly sexy leading male that I let these things slide, but those factors definitely kept this from being a five star read for me. I was very much entertained and would recommend this book if you are in the mood for a quick steamy read that is very low on drama.

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