REVIEW – Something For The Pain (Pain, #2) by Victoria Ashley



Tempting, inked and highly addictive. Alex is all that and more…

I’ve made a lot of mistakes – ones I’m not proud of, and definitely ones that have left their marks both mentally and physically.

Things got lonely; I got lost in my own fucked up mind and in the end it left me fucked out of my mind and unable to fight – or at least win. That life’s over for me and I’ve moved on.

Six months into tattooing at Blue’s and already I’m the most wanted and sought out tattooist. My biggest clientele consists of women.

They come into the shop, end up in my bed and we both come out happy. It’s been my release since I’ve stopped fighting. It’s become part of the “new” me.

But when Tripp reappears in my life, I can’t deny the fact that I would do anything for that girl.

So when she asks me to move in with her and her ‘boyfriend’ – our other childhood friend – I never expected for things to get so fucked up and twisted that I would find myself only more attracted to her by each passing second or wanting to protect her from everything that isn’t me.

I have worked so hard over the years to suppress my feelings for her but when I find out that her and Lucas have been having an open relationship, I have the strong urge to rip his heart straight from his chest – to destroy the very thing that keeps him breathing.

What I didn’t expect was for Lucas to ask what he did. For him to ask me to do the one thing I have secretly longed for since I was old enough to know what the need was. The second thing I never expected was the look of need that I saw in Tripp’s eyes when he asked.

One night of free passion could change our lives forever.

I never said that was a good thing either…

*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 “I Want It All” Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Tripp Daniels is a 21 yr. old woman who had a tough childhood. She lives in a town called Crooked Creek & works as a waitress in a local bar. Since she was 8 yrs. old she’s been best friends with a guy named Alex Carter. Alex became her family, & has always put her first, protected her, and taken care of her. Everyone hopes to have that one person in life they can always count on, and for Tripp, that person has always been Alex Carter.


-Alex and I just have that connection. He would do just about anything for me and the same goes for me over him.

-You’re one of the most important people in my life. I’ve always been there for you and always will be.

-“I will always protect you.”

-She’s always my strength when I have none.

-“I always make time for you over anyone else. It’s always been that way and it’s not changing anytime soon, Firecracker.”


Over the last 13 yrs. Tripp and Alex have experienced everything together. They are always there for one another & continue to be the most important person in each others lives. They share such a strong emotional connection, but are both fighting the need to act on their growing attraction they are feeling. The older they get, the more they crave each other physically, but they are both scared of losing their friendship.


Tired of living with her aunt, & wanting to be on her own, Tripp decides to get a house with a guy she’s been seeing but isn’t fully committed to. She invites Alex to move in with them since they are best friends and she loves to spend time with him. Wanting some freedom too, Alex agrees. Things quickly get complicated for the three roommates when Alex & Tripp can’t resist each other. Being roommates & around one another so much is just too tempting. They both want more with each other, but are afraid to ruin what they share, so instead of saying how they feel, they do a little exploring in a physical way. Once they get a taste, they can’t stop.


-I have never met anyone more beautiful in my life than her.

-“You’re sexy as sin and you fucking know it.”

-“This is how you should always feel, Tripp. Never fucking forget that.”

-“You’re fucking beautiful. So damn beautiful, Firecracker.”

-I feel sexy and wanted in his arms and I never want this feeling to end.


-Every move between us is filled with a passion that I’ve only dreamt of ever having with a woman. With this woman, but thought it could never happen.

-I’ll give this woman anything and everything she ever fucking wanted or wants.

-She’s so fucking precious to me.

-You’re my best friend. You’re my world and I never want to lose you.


They soon realize they are completely in love with one another. Tripp has always been the perfect woman to Alex, but now that he see’s what they could have together, he wants it all. I continue to love this author & her writing! Alex Carter is one sexy tattooed bad boy with a heart of gold. Loved this friends to lovers story & can’t wait to read more from this author! 😀


-“That girl means everything to me. I breathe for her.”

-I’m completely lost in this woman.

-This woman deserves all of me and that’s what I’m giving her.

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