REVIEW – SUIT (The Twin Duo, #1) by Jettie Woodruff

*****Dee’s Review*****

***** 5 Intoxicating Stars*****

(ARC Kindly provided by Author)

(BR with Mel <3)

This book was absolutely mind blowing, I mean, WOW!!!
You know that expression, hurts so good? That’s exactly how I felt about this puzzling story. Reading this book was almost like getting high, Suit took me on a powerful and delectable trip, now leaving me strung out and full of emotions.


Gabriella wakes up in a hospital after being in a terrible car accident. She was in an induced coma for a few days. Now she’s opened her eyes to face the physical pain of broken bones and a reality of having a husband and two kids, she can’t remember, no matter how hard she tries. Her husband Paxton is very handsome but his mood changes every five minutes, making Gabriella confused and afraid about the life that is waiting for her outside the hospital doors. Even though the doctor explained to her that it’s not unusual to have memory loss after suffering such a traumatic accident, she’s desperate to remember, because she can’t understand how she married such a beautiful monster.

Gabby comes back to a beautiful beach front house where she has everything a woman can wish for. She has two gorgeous daughters and a sexy husband and even though she can’t remember anything about her life, she seems to have done well for herself, except her husband acts as if he hates her.

Her husband Paxton is controlling and very cruel, but he makes her skin tingle with lust with just a smirk and grants her the most explosive orgasms. He gives her immense pleasure through pain and she can’t understand why her body enjoys something her brain can’t comprehend, but she’s become addicted to Paxton.

Gabby is not weak in any way. She stands up to Paxton and thrives in the punishments he gives her, making him crazy because he likes to dominate every aspect of their relationship. He craves control but this woman is not the submissive wife she once was; everything about her is different now. He’s going crazy with need for her. Gabby is turning his once systematic world into a decadent chaos.

Gabby’s mind still doesn’t remember anything about her marriage or children, but every time she goes to sleep she has dreams about her sister and her mother. Her memories are bittersweet events of a difficult childhood. But it seems that life has been buried deep, because not even her husband can give her any answers about her estranged family.

Gabriella and Paxton are the best and most loving parents to their little girls, and from the outside they seemed like the most perfect couple. But behind closed doors they battle with a love/hate relationship that has them both close to the edge of a very dangerous cliff, and scared that neither of them will be able to survive the fall.


I really loved hating, Paxton. One minute I wanted Gabby to kick him in the balls and the next I was so excited to see even the tiniest hope in his eyes, for a better future with her. This book is a total mind-fuck. It made me crazy and desperate with need to find the answers that would give me a clearer picture of what was going on. I must admit that this is my favorite type of reads, the ones where the author is constantly playing with my emotions, leaving me breathless and desperate for more… I’ll be counting down the days until I get the next book.

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My Suit music Playlist:
*The Hills by The Weekend
*Gang Bang by Madonna
*Unwanted by Avril Lavigne
*Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne
*It Takes Two by Katy Perry

*****Mel’s Review*****

5 Live In The Moment Stars!
(BR with Dee)


Gabriella Pierce is a 25 yr. old woman living in Florida with her husband Paxton & her two girls. She lives a life that is not really her own. Controlled by a husband that views her as his property & play toy, everything about her life is decided for her. An accident will soon change everything. Gabriella wakes up from a coma with amnesia. She has a hot as hell husband & two children she doesn’t remember. She quickly learns she has a messed up marriage where her husband has all the control. Even though she doesn’t feel like she belongs, she tries her best to please him & make the most of her situation. She feels this undeniable attraction & pull towards Paxton & can’t help how her body reacts to his touch. For whatever reason, she didn’t want to be anywhere else, & began to feel safe in his arms.


-I was so confused. One second this guy was a threat, and the next he was intoxicating.

-Paxton told me what to do. I did it. Paxton told me to jump. I asked how high. Paxton made my decisions. I let him. Paxton owned my body. I was his slut.

-Paxton was the most difficult man on earth, and I was fascinated by him.


After the accident everything changed, & Paxton wants things to go back to how they were. He wants his robot, his yes girl, & this wasn’t the same Gabriella. She didn’t seem to fear him, or conform to his rules. He just didn’t know what to do with this new version of Gabriella. The way she responded to his touch drove him wild. This Gabriella without any memories couldn’t get enough of him & everything he did to her.


-Everything spun around me while erotic endorphins submerged my mind, body, and soul. The devil’s drug. Powerful. Exhilarating. Passionate. Potent. And addicting. Extremely addicting. I was hooked on Paxton.

-There was no way in hell that Paxton could deny this. This searing pull between us. My glitter danced in his heart. I knew it did.


Paxton was often this cruel, cold, detached man, but when he began showing glimpses of a softer side it hit Gabriella right in the heart. Slowly things became real between them, & Gabriella was breaking through Paxton’s hard shell & causing him to feel things he doesn’t want to feel. She begins to feel like she matters to him, & when she gets one of his beautiful smiles, she melts. This wasn’t your hearts and flowers kind of romance. This is one of those books where I couldn’t stand the guy at first & probably shouldn’t like him, but OMG I couldn’t get enough of the sexy, arrogant, controlling Paxton Pierce! He is absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I really don’t think any woman with a pulse could resist this man. He can be a total ass, but definitely has potential. ;)) His bark is worse than his bite, & when he was with his girls he was positively dreamy! This was such a fabulous book! It had me guessing throughout & we get a lot of mystery surrounding Gabriella & her twin Isabella. Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

-We had an agreement. This was never supposed to be this. Whatever this is between us.

-“You’re too busy trying to make me someone I don’t remember to enjoy what we have here.”

-There was something there. Something neither of us could deny. If Paxton didn’t feel what I felt when we touched, when we kissed, and when we made love, there was something seriously wrong with him. It was there. He had to feel it, too.

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