REVIEW – Undeniably You by Jewel E Ann

*****FIVE+++++++++++++++ Blue Irises STARS*****

“I’ve wanted many things in my life until I met you. Then I wanted nothing…except you. My existence is for you…every part of you. Never doubt my love for you. If I’m breathing, I’m loving you. Only you…always you…forever you.”


Where do I begin to express how much this book affected me??!! To say that I LOVED this book, is putting it mildly!! This story completely OWNED me, HEART & SOUL!!!! All day I’ve been walking around with these butterflies in my stomach that have not left me since I finished this book in the wee hours of the morning!! Never have I had to actually turn to liquor to get through the angst in a story, until now! I feel like the author knew exactly what I love in a good story and she wrote this just for me!! I never thought that there would be a book boyfriend that could possibly be just as equally Swoonworthy as Kellan Kyle and Jesse Ward, but Ladies, we have a contender here. Lautner Sullivan captured my heart the moment he dived into that swimming pool NAKED!!!! The entire time while I was reading this book, I just wanted to dive into this world and wanted Lautner to be real and all MINE!! This story had all the elements needed to satisfy me 100%. It was as funny as an Alice Clayton book, the sex was OFF THE CHARTS HOT, the Angst was GUTWRENCHING, and the Hero, well he wasPERFECTION!!!!!!

Sydney Montgomery is a beautiful 23 year old woman, who has life goals she is determined to accomplish. She takes jobs as a house sitter while traveling the world before she goes off to Grad School to get her PhD. Her dream is to become a curator for a fancy art museum. Sydney has been under the assumption that her mother led an unfulfilled life before she died from cancer. She vows to be all that she can be to honor her mother’s memory. Syd is spending a month in Palo Alto at her aunt & uncle’s house while they go on a vacation abroad. She’s in charge of house sitting and looking after their crazy dog, Swarley. Her first day there she meets this drop dead gorgeous, sex on a stick, man, who she mistakes for the pool guy. He’s so freaking cocky and charming, and really attracted to Syd, so he pretends to be the pool guy. Don’t know what possesses him to do this but he ends up naked in her pool and we learn he is pretty beautiful all over and well endowed!! MY KIND OF GUY!!!! He certainly had an affect on Sydney as well.

Syd is only in Palo Alto for a month and then she is off to Paris and will be gone for a year. She has no intentions of getting into a serious relationship and makes that pretty clear, but the two spend quite a bit of time together. Oh and did I mention that Lautner is a Pediatric Surgeon??!!! Can the guy get any more perfect?? OH YES HE SURE CAN!!!! The things that this guy does to woo Sydney had my stomach filled with all those wonderful butterflies. I wanted to kick Syd in the butt many times. I know she thought she was heading down the right path but God Damn how many times does a Lautner ever walk into a girls’ life???!!!

Things happen and misunderstandings help to add on to the unbearable angst that starts up at about the halfway mark into the story. All I can say is hold tight!! Don’t give up!! Keep going because this story will leave you with the biggest kool-aid smile on your face when you get to the end!! I didn’t doze off once!! I even stayed up past my bedtime to finish this because once the angst starts, you just want to keep going to get to that HEA!!! I couldn’t stop until I got to the end of the line. Let me tell you, it is like one thing after another that will be thrown at you and will leave you feeling gutted at times. Definitely have some liquor handy!!!

I happen to LOVE angst and think that a good dose of it, makes the HEA so much more fabulous! Which is what you get in this story! I know there is an element in here that some might feel is a hard limit but honestly I knew in my heart what was right and that when two people are pretty much made for each other, nothing else matters!! You seriously need to get to the end so you get the whole story and then you won’t be sorry!! I PROMISE!!!!

I will definitely add this to my TOP TEN FAVE BOOKS OF ALL TIME! This will be a book I will re-read many times over and I think Jewel E Ann is simply BRILLIANT!!!!

Reviewed by Patty



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