REVIEW – HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

4.5 My Weakness Is Him Stars!
(BR with Dee)


Ryan Wesley aka Wes is a sexy, tattooed, rule breaking bad boy who doesn’t do commitments. He plays hockey for Northern Mass & is the #2 offensive scorer in the nation. His former best friend is Jamie Canning, the hot, big blond sunkissed California boy who is the goalie for Rainier. Wes & Jamie met nine years ago at the prestigious hockey summer camp called Elites in Lake Placid, New York. They began attending camp every summer from about the age of 13 & were always roommates


After 6 yrs. of friendship one drunken night changes everything. At the age of 18 Wes has realized he has a serious crush on Jamie. Hoping his attraction isn’t one sided, he suggests a bet that will test the boundaries with his straight friend. Things happen that Wes later regrets. He feels awkward & is insecure about what Jamie thinks of him. As a result he cuts off all contact with Jamie without any explanation rather than face possible rejection.


Jamie & Wes haven’t spoken in 4 yrs. Jamie is still hurt Wes cut him out of his life. He was his best friend through Jr. High & HS, and Wes was the one friend he valued over any other. He is angry with him, but also misses him. He never knew what to expect when it came to Wes, & hanging out with him was always an adventure. Now after all this time, the guys college teams are about to face off at the National Championship Tournament in Boston. They know they will see each other & it will be uncomfortable, but Jamie wants answers to why Wes threw away their friendship, & Wes wants to apologize. They re-connect & talk about that night when they were 18, & are both so happy to see each other. Wes realizes he overreacted & misjudged Jamie.


Wes finds out Jamie has been coaching at their old summer camp & decides to coach this summer as well. One look at the 1st guy he’s ever loved, and he wants to be closer to him. They are both about to graduate college & move on to the NHL, & Wes would like one more summer with Jamie again. They are roommates again, & Jamie soon is discovering new things about himself. He is feeling more than friendship for Wes, & wants to explore this new attraction, & to Wes’s surprise can be quite bold. They coach alongside one another for the next 6 weeks, & grow closer. Things heat up fast between these two & it turns into a beautiful love story. This is my fav MM book I’ve read! Just enjoyed it so much! Both of these guys are such gentle, big hearted, amazing men! This book was smoking hot & a fabulous read! I highly recommend it! 😀


-I’d forgotten how magnetic he is. As if he burns with higher test fuel than the rest of us.

-I’ve always felt a little more alive when he’s around. Life is just a little brighter, a little louder wherever Wes is.

-I’m comfortable with him. I have fun with him. I’m not trying to impress anyone. It’s…easy.

-The brush of his lips make me shiver and lean in for more. Soft lips continue to press kisses on my face. On my neck. Their gentleness feels unfamiliar to me now. And the contrast between the size and strength of this man and the softness of his touch makes goosebumps rise on my chest.


-Sometimes I think he’s not even aware of how goddamn attractive he is.

-I’d always fucking wanted this guy.

-I’d wanted to touch him more than I’d wanted my next breath.

-Why can’t I look at him without imagining all the dirty, dirty things I want to do to him?

-This guy…goddamn it, this guy. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want Canning. The way I crave Canning.

Reviewed by Mel

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