REVIEW – PLAY (You Had Me At Christmas – Anthology) by Karina Bliss



What’s better than a little romance at Christmas?

Five romances at Christmas!

Snowbound friends become lovers. Enemies discover they mean far more to each other than they ever dreamed. A marriage in trouble is saved, and strangers find connection in delicious encounters… It’s Christmas, and everything is possible.

A gift to you. Five beloved Contemporary Romance authors bring feel-good magic to the holidays in this specially-priced box set.

PLAY by Karina Bliss
a Rock Solid romance

Rock star Jared Walker is within reach of career glory…but his marriage is in the pits. Determined to save it, he talks his wife into holiday dates with only one rule: they must pretend they are strangers.
But when he discovers what Kayla really wants for Christmas, will he be able to give it to her?


Workaholic Kate never expected to find herself looking for love online on Christmas night. Then John appeared on her screen and her whim to escape loneliness turned into the hottest sex of her life – even if it was via text. John knew Kate was too classy for his ex-con ass, but he was about to learn that Kate knew how to fight for what she wanted. And she wanted more of him.


Escaping her abusive father and small hometown to follow her dreams takes money Selina Lumina doesn’t have. After a millionaire software developer offers her a ride out of town, she has to decide whether to follow her aspirations or take a chance at love. Could a snowbound night on the road turn into a Christmas miracle?

SNOW-KISSED by Laura Florand
(previously published as part of the Snow Queen Series)

After the utter destruction of her marriage and her happiness, Kai knew it was better to shut herself away from the world than to hurt and be hurt.

Holed up in her mountain cabin, Kai plans to spend her Christmas alone. Until her not-quite-ex-husband shows up as the first flakes start to fall. Now should she send him back out into the cold? Or can she be brave enough to let this winter snow bind them back together?

(previously published in the Sweet Dreams Anthology benefiting Diabetes research)

Growing up in the mountains of Wyoming Trina and Dean had been childhood friends until the bitter feud between their families drove them apart. When the magic of Christmas Eve tips the star-crossed lovers together year after year, will they be able to make sure this holiday is not their last?

*****Mel’s Review*****

5 Stars!

I reviewed Play by Karina Bliss. Play is one of the five Christmas stories in the anthology You Had Me At Christmas.


Play is about the married couple Jared & Kayla Walker. We first met them in Rise, book one in this rocker series. Jared & Kayla married young and have been married for seven years and have two kids under five. Jared joined the mega rock band Rage as their bass player, & they moved to L.A. Jared goes on tour & becomes famous. Being a celebrity begins to change him into someone his wife hardly recognizes. He’s self-centered & everything revolves around his career. Kayla has tried to adjust to the rock star lifestyle, but being away from their families & often alone is tough. Neither of them realized how crazy the demands would be on Jared’s time & how much things would change. Jared let fame go to his head & began to take his family for granted. Kayla just wants the sweet, shy guy she married back. The one that belonged to only her. Now he’s this muscular, cool rock star, not the skinny nerd she remembers, & women everywhere want him.

When Jared notices his marriage is in trouble, it’s a wake-up call. He decides he’ll do anything to get his wife to look at him the way she used to. Somewhere along the way they’ve lost their spark. Determined to save his marriage and reconnect with his wife, Jared comes up with a plan to seduce his wife & reclaim their connection. He needs to rebuild her trust & carve out time for them as a couple. He plans to put her first, & show her what she means to him. He suggests holiday dates with one rule. They must pretend to be strangers.

-Since they were sixteen years old, the one surety in their lives had been each other.

-Oh, the man could kiss angels to sin.

-“Stop fighting this… me. Us. I miss you, I love you. Be mine, baby.”

I loved this story so much! This man only had eyes for his wife. He’s a sexy, gorgeous rock star that is totally gone over his wife. He adores her & shows her how special she is to him. He has all these women falling at his feet, & all he sees is Kayla. Jared was so swoon worthy & absolutely delicious while seducing his wife. Can’t wait for Dimity & Seth’s story up next in Fall! :))

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