LIVE – YOU & ME by Lisa Shelby



Jonathan Kelly had planned for a week of fun with the boys before heading back to Afghanistan. He never expected to fall in love.

Naturally beautiful, and funny, Emily wasn’t like any woman he had ever known. She brought a smile to the face of everyone that met her. To Jonathan, she was perfect. Pure light. He knew the day he met her that he had met the only woman he would ever love.

Emily Jacobs wasn’t prepared for Jonathan to walk into her life. She wasn’t ready to have this man rock her to her core when nearly every other man in her past had been such a disappointment. The instant connection she felt with this handsome, kind Marine was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Emily wants nothing more than to give herself to him, but can she get past the barrier that could keep them apart?

She has a secret so big that she’s sure it will shatter everything they have together; this rare connection that they’ve forged in just one short week.

So Emily is left with one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Trust him or walk away?



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4 ★ Can’t Believe This is a First Time Author

5 and a feel good end to a beautiful love story

5 I can’t wait for more



Waiting for the elevator to arrive I check my reflection in the stainless steel doors in front of me and I must admit I clean up nicely. I took my time on my hair and make-up which is not the norm for me but Jonathan said we were gonna do this right and get dressed up, so I made the effort. My hair comes to the middle of my back when it’s down so to blow it out and add some curls to my natural wave takes some time, but it was worth it. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t just throw my hair up and be done with it.

The elevator finally arrives and I step inside. I’m only going down one floor but I was just too nervous in these heels to start the night off with a flight of stairs, so the elevator it is. At least I’ll have a big strong Marine to hold on to all night if things get shaky. And just as that thought crosses my mind the elevator doors open and there he is waiting for me. Damn, this man is fine. He looks like he jumped off a magazine cover in his white button down shirt with his sleeves rolled up, dark jeans, dress shoes and a beautiful watch. The shirt and watch look amazing against his tan skin, but the smile that he gives me when he sees me is what nearly knocks me off my feet. He is staggering.

He’s holding his left hand behind his back when he brings his right hand up and places it over his heart and says, “You are breathtaking, Miss Emily Grace.”

He takes my hand and spins me around and once my eyes are back to him he says, “I love your hair down like this,” and then leaning into my ear he whispers, “Very sexy.”

Just as I start to feel the heat of my blush rush to my face he pulls a pink birthday cake flavored cake pop out from behind his back and I can’t stop the smile spreading across my face.

“You remembered?”

“When the girl you’re trying to get to know tells you she would rather have a bouquet of cake pops over roses, you listen. I know it’s only one, but I figured you wouldn’t have room for dinner if I brought you the full dozen. We’ll save that for another occasion.” He places a kiss on my cheek and hands me the cake pop.

“Thank you so much, Jonathan, it means a lot. Not because they’re my favorite but because it means you were really listening. I have never known a guy who actually wants to talk and get to know me, so thank you, truly.”

He doesn’t say anything, just gives me a small nod of his head. I lift up to my tip toes to lean in and once I’m right by his ear I whisper, “Wanna bite?”

“Oh I wanna bite, sweetheart, but a bite of a cake pop isn’t what’s going through my mind with you standing in front of me in that dress.” He lifts just one eyebrow in a cocky little show of a side of him I haven’t seen yet. It’s not the Jonathan I’ve come to know, but I like it just the same.

“Fine, you don’t know what you’re missing then. Have you ever even tried one?”

“I can’t say that I have, ma’am.”

“Well, that is just not something that I can live with. You are going to share this with me and because I think your kinda cute, I’ll let you have the last bite. Then you can eat the frosting off the stick too.”

I can feel the blush rushing to my face! I should never try to be cute!

“Adorable,” he says under his breath with a little chuckle.

I take a couple of bites and then hand him the rest. He lifts that cocky little eyebrow again and then puts what’s left of the foodgasm on a stick into his mouth. As he pulls the stick out of his mouth and chews, I’m momentarily distracted by his perfect pink lips and am reminded how they felt on me just hours ago.

“Not bad at all,” he says. “Not sure I could eat a dozen of them but they are pretty good. Not as good as chocolate ice cream though,” he says with a wink.

“How can you even compare the two? They come from two different playing fields all together,” I say astonished while he escorts me to the jeep.

“I can compare them because I know it gets you wound up and I love it when you get all feisty. It’s kinda hot.”

He jumps in the jeep and starts the car. He goes about two blocks, parks, turns the car off and then jumps out and opens my door with his dimples on full display.

“Did we seriously just drive two blocks?”

“Yes, we did. I am giving you the full southern gentleman experience and no gentleman would make you walk in those heels,” he says as he offers me his hand.

About the Author:

Lisa Shelby is a contemporary romance author who calls the Pacific Northwest home where she resides with her husband, their son and two dogs. 

Reading has been an obsession and writing has been a secret passion of hers. It was that passion that led her on the journey to write a book for her husband. What began as a gift turned into an inspiration of love, and with the encouragement of family and friends the desire to share that love with everyone.

Connect with Lisa:






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