Suite 269 by Christine Zolendz



Leave your inhibitions at the door and make your fantasies come true.

Three weeks.
No rules.
Any fantasy.
Anything goes.

Lexa Novak would like nothing better than to let go and finally experience it all, so when the opportunity arises to just do that, she can’t refuse—won’t refuse.
But what happens when your fantasies become your realities?
Find out when you enter Suite 269.

*****Mel’s Review*****

5+ Absolutely DELICIOUS Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Lexa Novak lives in New York & works for InTrend Magazine that is part of one of the biggest publishing groups around called Holt Media. Her life is going great until she catches her fiancé cheating three weeks before the wedding. To make matters worse it’s hard to start over when your ex works for the same company & everyone at work knows your personal business.


Lexa has to attend a work conference in Chicago. She is still trying to accept her new reality & isn’t really handling things well. While at the conference she crosses paths with the head of the companies son Jameson Holt. He’s the managing editor of the magazine & is also her boss. She’s never really been around him much, but seeing him in person she can’t help noticing how gorgeous he is. One look at him sets all her girl parts on fire! ;))


They run into each other at the hotel & sparks ignite between them one evening. While at the conference they continue to be intrigued with one another. James seeks her out at work when they return home & they form a friendship. He loves how real she is. She’s funny, has no filter & makes him laugh. He’s comfortable with her & finds her refreshing. He also finds her to be absolutely stunning & wants her. They both want to be carefree, have some fun & give in to their growing attraction. They make an arrangement of sorts to explore each other without judgments or commitments. James wants to show Lexa what she’s been missing & Lexa wants EVERYTHING James has to offer!


-He hadn’t even kissed me yet and my body was his.

-The way he looked at me. The way his eyes roamed over my body, followed by his hands and his lips.

-God, I felt wanted, desired- cherished even.

-My body ached for him.


-“You’re beautiful.”

-“Do you even realize how stunningly beautiful you are, Lex?”

-Does she have any idea- even a tinge of a notion of the effect she has over me?

-I wanted her. More than I’d ever wanted anyone.


Two insanely beautiful people, set in paradise equals one sexy story. This book was the hottest book I’ve read all year, & I wasn’t expecting to laugh so much! It was hilarious! I just loved all the text messages. Then you throw in some fantasies & OMG this book was delicious!!! We also get a beautiful love story as they fall in love. This was my first book by this author. It really had it all & was the kind of book I love to read! 😀


-This woman was stunning.

-She watched the way I looked at her, my slow perusal of her body. She was the most stunning woman I’d ever seen.


-“You’re beautiful inside and out.” His eyes searched mine, back and forth, back and forth, then the rest of my face. My eyes, my lips, my neck- as if he couldn’t bear to miss a feature.

-“There isn’t one person in this world right now that I want more than you.”

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