Review – “Fade To Red” by Willow Aster

*****Dee’s Review*****

****4 Rockin’ Stars****

(ARC Kindly provided by Author)

So many things about this book I loved. I was completly hooked from the moment I started reading. Fade To Red totally satisfied the craving I had for a Rockstar story but in all honesty it was so much more than that. Romantic, suspenseful and so much fun, this book is a Must Read!!


Roxie’s life dream has always been to be a successful dancer, she’s trained very hard over the years to achieve her goal but being a single mother has put the brakes on her dreams. Her life is pretty ordinary; working at a bank, being the mom of a smart and unique kid and raising him with the help of her sister is what keeps her occupied, leaving little room for anything else. But recently her sister has convinced her to allow herself to dream again and to chase after her goals.

Even though Roxie has put her whole heart into the audition to be part of super star Beckham Wood’s concert tour, the last thing she expected was to get picked as the main dancer, because she’s not used to amazing things ever happening to her.

From the moment Beckham saw Roxie dance, he knew he wanted to dance with her and make her part of his show.

Beckham has recently cleaned up his act after spending the last few years of his life in a haze of drugs, alcohol and meaningless sex. He wants to hold the reigns over his life again. Now that he’s clean, his life perspectives have changed and he’s decided to retire and make this tour his last.

Once rehearsals start and Beckham gets the chance to dance with Roxie, he’s completely fallen for her magnetism and wants more than to just dance with her. But Roxie pretty much hated him on the spot, so he has his work cut out for him when it comes to her.

Roxie has a secret she’s been keeping from Beckham and even though she feels a strong connection with him, this secret from her past is keeping her from getting closer to him.

Beckham is determined to do whatever it takes to make Roxie his. Everything about her makes him more hopeful about the future, and hope is something he’s never felt before.

Ian Sterling and his wife Sparrow have joined the tour and together with Beckham, Roxie, and the rest of the wonderful and unique crew will form a little family on the road. Everything is going according to plans until someone very dangerous has caught wind of Beckham’s interest in Roxie, causing big chaos for everyone.


Turns out it will prove harder for Roxie and Beckham to explore the feelings that have formed between them because it’s not only themselves they’ll have to fight for a chance at love.

This is a very passionate and exhilarating story that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. You will fall in love with Beckham and Roxie’s romance but the thrilling events happening at every turn will keep you guessing until the very end. Another surprise about this story is the appearance of Ian and Sparrow, the main characters from Willow Aster’s bookTrue Love Story. Making Fade To Red a real treat for all of us fans of that previous book and making this new story even more special.

I love Willow Aster’s books and this new novel has everything I enjoy in a good read; romance, steam and even mystery. She created a very well rounded story that was completely satisfying and absolutely memorable. I loved it!!!

My Fade To Red music playlist:
*Cheyenne by Jason Derulo
*Try Me by Jason Derule ft. Jennifer Lopez
*Girl Crush by Little Big Town
*Drive By by Train
*Stand By You by Rachel Platten

Fade To Red releases on 09.21.15

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