REVIEW – NINJA AT FIRST SIGHT (Knitting in the City #4.75) by Penny Reid



‘Ninja at First Sight’ is a prequel standalone novella for Knitting in the City book 5, ‘Happily Ever Ninja’.

‘Ninja at First Sight’ is 40k words.

This novalla is the expanded origin story for Greg and Fiona. The first 16k words of this novella are from the short scenes included in ‘Scenes from the City’, which is no longer for sale.

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*****5 ~Gentoo Penguins Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author)

You know me; all things Penny Reid make me so happy, I just gotta dance…



This Knitting in the City novella is about, how Greg and Fiona met when they were in college.

Both of these characters are very intelligent so naturally they were attracted to each other, immediately. But Greg already had a girlfriend and Fiona was too shy and trying to force herself to be more social, which made them settle into a nice friendship at first.

Greg very soon realizes he can’t survive any longer without being romantically involved with Fiona. She’s been the protagonist of all his thoughts and dreams since the moment he first saw her. He has no choice but to break up with his girlfriend so he can officially pursue Fiona.

Fiona has lived a very sheltered life up until she moved away to college. She’s eager to soak up all the college experience and she often finds herself fascinated by people’s behaviors. She’s completely enthralled by Greg and she’s very happy to be pursued by him.

Fiona has zero experience when it comes to love and Greg is only happy to teach her everything he knows and what’s even more special to him, is that he gets to be her first everything…


Greg and Fiona’s story is very romantic but also very PG rated because one; these are young college kids and two, cause Greg wants to take things slow with Fiona. Even though the steam factor is pretty low, I found myself getting highly excited and aroused while reading this book, and you ask why? how? Well… Greg’s highly knowledgeable, cocky and extremely charming personality had me going crazy with lust. I couldn’t help myself and had to attack my husband, and I might have called him Greg at some point during said attack. (Sorry TMI)

I’d already loved Fiona from all the previous books in this series and it makes me giddy with happiness, that we’ll get to read her story on Happily Ever Ninja.

In the next book which comes out on January 2016, we will read about Greg and Fiona’s story as a married couple. These characters are so eloquent and fun, that I’m sure their love story is going to be very amusing and completely memorable. I fall in love with this series even more with each book that comes out, and I hope it never ends; I hope Penny never stops writing about these amazing characters.

My Ninja At First Sight music playlist:
*Nothin’ Like You by Dan + Shay
*One Call Away by Charlie Puth
*In Your Dreams by Chef’special
*Marry You by Bruno Mars