REVIEW – WILD FOR YOU (Love With Altitude #3) by Daisy Prescott



Wild for You is a standalone, slow burn cowboy romance.

This city girl doesn’t want to play it safe anymore …

I’ve been dumped. I can’t afford my condo. My job sucks. So when my girls take me to a rodeo and I discover a smoking-hot cowboy packing heat in his Wranglers? Well, I’ve got nothing to lose except my dry spell.

After watching him ride, there’s no way I’m walking away. Only, something tells me Justin might be more than just a rebound. So much for living dangerously.


The fastest way to break a cowboy? Force him to settle down …

I have a ranch to run. Rodeos to ride. Scandals that don’t want to stay buried. What I don’t have is time for a city girl like her, even if she does have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen

So why can’t I stay away? Winning Zoe’s love might be the hardest event I’ve ever entered- but she’ll be worth the challenge.

Wild for You is part of the Love with Altitude series of standalone romantic comedies. You do not have to read other books in the series before reading this one.



*****Dee’s Review*****


If I didn’t have any cowboys fantasies before, I do now. Wild For You is a slow burn romantic story destined to lasso the hearts of all its readers. So giddy-up and follow Justin and Zoe on this beautiful, wild adventure.


Zoe’s life is not going like she wants it to. Her longtime boyfriend just dumped her, and she can’t afford her apartment on her own without him, and she’s stuck in a job, she doesn’t really love. What she does have are awesome girlfriends that are trying to cheer her up after her bad break-up.

Zoe’s friends want to show her the awesome world of the American Rodeo. All dressed up in cowboy-inspired attire they attend the amazing and exciting event; and little did Zoe know that that was going to be the start of an amazing cowboy fantasy come to life.

Justin is a very private person due to a very tumultuous childhood. As an adult, he usually keeps to himself since he’s not a big fan of people. His passion is the rodeo, his only competition in the arena is himself and he’s usually pushing himself to beat his own scores. He’s not interested in making new friends, and forget about romantic relationships, he’s not into any of it. Until he spots a beautiful brunette with a musical laugh; Zoe.

Zoe and Justin and very attracted to each other but they both proceed with caution. The slow burn of their romance is what makes this story truly delectable, and the signature hilarious humor of Daisy Prescott make this book the perfect weekend read. She brings us something to dream about with this new book. DONT MISS IT!!!

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